Tonic Tasting with Cognac: Schweppes, Q and Tomr's

Tonic Tasting: Tomr’s vs. Q Tonic vs. Schweppes

I really love cognac cocktails and longdrinks. One of my favourite tricks: Use a cucumber! It’s great. A simple longdrink with cognac is “Cognac Schweppes” - how the French would call it. But isn’t there a major problem with “Cognac Schweppes”? Yes there seems to be one. Why would one want to use industrial tonic water, produced by Coca Cola to mix with finest artisanal Charente brandy? Rather mix artisanal products with other artisanal products. That seems to make much...
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The Luda: Conjure Cognac Signature Cocktail by Ludacris

Conjure & Ludacris Mix Up a Cognac Cocktail for the GRAMMYS

To celebrate the upcoming GRAMMY awards, Conjure Cognac and three time GRAMMY award winner Ludacris have come up with a cocktail to celebrate. The Luda Cocktail Titled ‘The Luda" - this signature cocktail has been created using the delights of Conjure Cognac along with the tropical flavour of fresh pineapple, lemon juice and the sweetness of sugar or syrup. To whisk up a Luda is simplicity itself. Even the most novice of cocktail makers can mix up the ingredients to create...
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Lady Heart

Lady Coeur – The New Cognac Cocktail for Women

As we reported a few days ago, one of the aims of the recent International Cognac Summit (ICS) was to create a cognac cocktail specifically designed for the ladies. And thus the new ‘LadyCoeur’ has been born. The BNIC are billing this as a sister to ‘The Summit,’ the cocktail that was created at the first ICS five years ago. The Lady Heart is the Summit's sister LadyCoeur is the result of the combined efforts of 40 drink and beverage professionals invited by...
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Cocktail with Champagne, Cognac, Grand Marnier

Fancy an $800 Antoine Hardy Perfection Grand Marnier Cognac Cocktail?

If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii in the near future, then be sure to check out the bar at the Trump International Hotel, Waikiki Beach Walk.  Here, for a cool $800 US dollars, you could treat yourself to a cocktail entitled ‘The Elements of Extravagance,’ if you so wish. With a generous measure of 140 year old Antoine Hardy Perfection Cognac, combined with Grand Marnier Cuvée Speciale Cent Cinquantenaire, Krug Grand Cuvée MV champagne, organic Wilelaiki Blossom Honey and...
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Sidecar Cocktail: Taking the imbiber for a ride…

“Claret is the liquor for boys; port, for men; but he who aspires to be a hero must drink brandy” -Samuel Johnson, English Poet/Critic and Writer, 1709-1784 The Sidecar 2 parts   Courvoisier Exclusif 1 part     Fresh lemon juice 1 part     Triple sec Dash       Sugar syrup 1               Lemon snap Method: Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker until cool and well mixed.  Fine strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish: Lemon snap. History … “and named after...
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