Do you use cognac in cooking?  Perhaps you might enjoy a dash of your favourite eaux-de-vie when flavouring fish or meat, or maybe a healthy measure over your dessert pancakes.

But now, thanks to the company, Brumes Gourmandes, and its founders, you can have a perfume inspired aerosol bottle to add a wonderful, alcohol infused spray to many different dishes and meals.

Wahh Quantum Sensations

Co-founder of Brumes Gourmandes (which translates as Gourmet Mists), Jean-David Camus, said that the idea behind the company is to revive the use of various spirits in cooking, and that these are part of our gastronomic heritage.  He’s concerned that if nothing is done, in the future our children will not even consider using alcohol in cooking.


So the idea was born to create a perfume bottle type design that not only allows cooks to add various spirits to their recipes, but also adds an air of class and style to the kitchen.

It’s a small aerosol that gives a small burst of fragrance that can make you feel ‘quite drunk’ but without the disadvantage of actually drinking the alcohol.  This effect has been named ‘Wahh Quantum Sensations.’  Mr Camus, who has previously worked in the perfume industry, says that the advantage of this presentation is the choice of the amount of alcohol, and that this can be varied depending on individual tastes.  When it’s sprayed, millions of tiny droplets explode, creating an extremely aromatic effect.

And it’s not only cognac that’s included in the range.  There’s also pastis, whisky, rum, marc de Bourgogne, cherry and Williams pear options.


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Cognac Cooking Spray – a New Product by Brumes Gourmandes

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    Hi, Thanks for talking about our Brumes Gourmandes collection. Just a few precisions :
    Philippe Starck did NOT design our sprays, it was done by Monogramme Maison de Marketing. Actually, he has quite nothing to do with Brumes Gourmandes. He designed and launched the WAHH concept a few ago, but this is pure coincidence and the two products are very different.
    Whilst Starck’s products is, in my opinion, experimental and pure innovation (which I totally respect), our products are very different : they contain 100 ml of pure, authentic, hand crafted spirits (including Cognac).

    Thanks again for your article.
    And “vive le Cognac”

    Jean-David CAMUS
    Founder – Brumes Gourmandes

    PS. Let me know if you need some pictures to illustrate our collection of culinary sprays

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    Cognac Expert

    Dear Jean-David, thanks for the correction. We modified this. Max

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