The fifth annual Part des Anges (or also known as Angel’s Share) raised more than 70,000 euros. There were more than 600 guests that attended the auction, in an old warehouse Chais Monnet in the town of Cognac.

Why “angel’s share”? Actually this refers to the 2% yearly evaporation from oak barrels – one might think, what a pity! But ageing is critical for cognac. So the auction is named after that effect.

Cognac auction and dinner (pic 2009)

The auction offered about 24 different cognacs, specially blended for the event – limited edition decanters.

One of the bottles was Remy Martin’s Coupe Shanghai, sold for 16,500 €. A Frapin Cognac sold for 6,500 €, a Martell Edition Exceptionelle Borderies sold for 4,600 €.

Nicholas Faith, a known British cognac journalist (author of “A Guide to Cognac and Other Brandies”) received a lifetime achievement award.

Faith said:

“The only real honour that is important is that which comes from people you respect. I respect Cognac and the people who make it, so for me this is an extraordinary honour.”

Faith further commented on the globalization effect of the cognacb business and that too many descisions about the famous brandy were now taken outside the region of Cognac, in Paris – or even in the US.

Flavien Desoblin (owner of the New York’s Brandy Library bar) won the Personality of the Year award.

Now let’s look at last year’s result: The auction raised about 50,000 € in 2009, and the money was donated to the Institut de France to restore paintings at the Chateau de Chantilly. This year, charity will be again given to the Institut, for local charity.


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Cognac charity auction 'Part des Anges' raises € 70,000

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