While Cognac is about to recover, and before the crisis, the spirit had a major boost in sales from 2001 to 2007… Cognac Camus attacks the US market this year. The company is about to expand in the state of Colorado.
Camus Cognac

It all started with Camus in 1863 in Charente, France – today they are a popular brand in Asia. Funny how things go sometimes. The family company exports to about 150 countries worldwide, and you can drink Camus Cognac on airplaines of 50 different airline companies.

But now Colorado, USA.

Company president Cyril Camus launches the product line-up:

“The brand is very present on an international scale, and the U.S. is really the last country where our brand has not been so well positioned so far. Colorado is one of those key markets that could both drive the volumes as well as establish the image of the brand as well.”
See how Cyril Camus presents the bottles on US TV. His unique selling preposition would be, that Camus offers a Single Estate XO Cognac.

The question is: How will Camus be able to get a foot into the door in the US? The HipHop way perhaps? Getting a RnB spokesman or so? We don’t know.. but it will be a tough competition for the french brandy distiller.

Camus is one of the top five players of cognac sales worldwide. But the company never really played an important role in the  US market. The brand is strong in Asia, especially in Japan – so it’s a good idea to finally work on the American market. After all, the biggest Cognac market in the world.

The strategic goal is a stable growth.

Camus Cognacs are sold between $25 and $125.

The company was founded in 1863 and here you can see the family tradition:

  • Jean-Baptiste Camus (1835-1901)
  • Edmond (1859-1933) et Gaston Camus (1865-1945)
  • Michel Camus (1911-1985)
  • Jean-Paul Camus (1945)
  • Cyril Camus (1971)
    Source: Wikipedia, www.9news.com
    Pic: pere-magloire-boutique.com

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Cognac Camus tries to get into the US game. Where? Denver. (Video)

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