Remy Cointreau’s turnover is 428.2 million for the first half of the 2010/11 financial year! That is an increace of almost 20% (fiscal). Remy Cointreau distributes lots of different spirits and beverages – and of course world famous cognac Rémy Martin.

Rémy Cointreau’s revenue went up by 15%  for the second quarter to €257.2 million, from €223.6 million a year earlier.

Why is that?

Probably linked to the new distribution network, and the focus on certain brands in core markets of the group. And if you look at the figures below, you’ll see that Cognac is Rémy Cointreau’s cash cow.

(EUR  millions)           6 months     6 months         % Change
----------------------  -----------  -----------
                         to 30.09.10  to 30.09.09  Published Organic*
                        -----------  -----------  ---------  --------
Cognac                      237.0        182.8       +29.6     +20.7
                        -----------  -----------  ---------  --------
Liqueurs & Spirits          99.8         100.3       (0.5)     (5.5)
                        -----------  -----------  ---------  --------
Champagne                   41.4         35.8        +15.7     +11.9
----------------------  -----------  -----------  ---------  --------
Sub-total Group brands      378.2        318.9       +18.6     +11.5
----------------------  -----------  -----------  ---------  --------
Partner brands              50.0         43.0        +16.2     +10.1
----------------------  -----------  -----------  ---------  --------
Total                       428.2        361.9       +18.3     +11.3
----------------------  -----------  -----------  ---------  --------

Cognac: Remy Martin had an organic growth of 20.7%, driven by Asian market (China) and Travel Retail. The US market improved, specially superior qualities such as XO recovered. Europe is driven by growth in Russia and Nordic countries, while western Europe remains difficult for the French brandy.

L iqueurs & Spirits:  Metaxa sales decline in Greece and Germany.

Champagne: About 20% increase;  so the Champagne segment continues to grow, especially in Europe (France and UK are important)

In the meantime Pernod Ricard presented a 13.9% revenue growth for the first quarter ended Sept. 30, to €1.88 billion ($2.62 billion), compared with €1.65 billion a year earlier. This was mostly due to a 25% increase in sales in the (again) Asia-Pacific region.

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Cognac business boosts Rémy Cointreau's 2010 results

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