New Yorkers are falling in love with cognac all over again – and the city’s canny bar owners are of course catering to their needs.  So, if you’re going to be in The Big Apple anytime in the near future, here’s a list of the city’s top 7 bars that offer the cognac connoisseur a mouth-watering choice.

Brandy Library NYC

The 40/40 Club

Located on 6 W 25th Street, the 40/40 Club has VIP rooms dedicated to eaux-de-vie.  Here you can live the decadent lifestyle, relaxing on wrap around sofas or large beds in the Cognac Room or the Remy Lounge.  For those who enjoy Remy Martin Cognac and the rock star lifestyle, then this is certainly the place to be.

Brassiere Cognac

Well, you don’t need a PhD to work out what this bar at 1740 Broadway is all about.  Here you can enjoy your cognac unadulterated or, if you prefer, take advantage of one of the many cognac cocktails on offer.  These all have a distinctly seductive theme, such as the ‘Rouge a Levre,’ which combines Hennessy with champagne, ginger liqueur, blackberry jam and cherry puree.

Bar Tabac

If you’re looking for a wee tipple of Pierre Ferrand Cognac then head to Bar Tabac, located on 128 Smith Street in Brooklyn.  Here you can also enjoy their Bistro Bites, to prevent the effects of the eaux-de-vie going straight to your head.

Brandy Library

Maison Premiere

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that you’ve been transported both back in time and to a different continent when you enter this bar at 298 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn.  Unashamedly modelling itself on Arnaud’s Restaurant in New Orleans, this is the place to simply soak up the atmosphere and imagine that you really are in France.  Straight cognac and cognac cocktails are on the menu, with ‘Arnaud’s French 75’ combining Bache-Gabrielsen Cognac, champagne, sugar and fresh lemon juice.

Bar Pleiades

This bar is located in The Surrey Hotel at 20 E 76th Street and is the place to head if you want to savour some of the smaller, artisan cognac brands.  Try their Maison Surrenne Cognac based cocktail, which is the bar’s version of a Brandy Crusta, and mixes the eaux-de-vie with orange curacao, maraschino liqueur and lemon juice.

Brandy Library

If you believe that cognac and other spirits is not just a pleasure, but also an education, then head to the Brandy Library on 25 N Moore Street.  Here, more than six years research has gone into providing some of the most sought after cognacs and spirits.  Why not take advantage of their ‘Spirit School’ range, than includes two cognacs and two armagnacs, as well as three scotches and a bourbon.  But the question is, will you still be standing at the end of your tasting?

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Fancy a Cognac in NYC – Head to One of these Top 7 Bars

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