We, Sophie and Max, have been invited to attend the dinner gala La Part des Anges this Thursday, September 19th – an event we are delighted to attend.  La Part des Anges is a Cognac Charity Auction Dinner Gala that will be taking place at the Chateau Brillac in Foussignac.  We reported about the event in the previous couple of years, but this year we can bring you the inside information right from the horses mouth…

There are a total of 27 lots to be auctioned, each a prestigous bottle or decanter of cognac from some of the most prestigious houses.  This is the same amount as last year but the estimated value of the lots is very much higher.  Last year’s pre-sale estimate totaled 78,680 euros, but the actual sale value came to 138,600 euros.   But this year the pre-sale estimated value is 125,900 euros.  So it will be exciting to see what the cognacs actually end up selling for.

A Cognac Charity Auction Dinner Gala

There also is a little surprise we’ll be sharing that evening, and that’s that we’ll be reporting live to you as the event takes place!  So you might want to follow us on twitter or facebook, and if you are really into social media, why not go for our instagram account.


We are thrilled to participate in the special evening for the first time. There will be so many faces we know; old and new friends – and of course there will be the auction taking place of unique bottles – always great entertainment.

If you would like to learn more about the charity event, please visit their recently redesigned website here.

Looking Forward to Participating at Tonight's Charity Auction Dinner "La Part des Anges"

It goes without saying that we can’t afford any of these great bottles and decanters that will be auctioned.   We really look forward to seeing Vincent Gerard-Tasset, who takes the podium as the auctioneer for the night.  Last time I saw him we were making deluxe scrambled eggs at our family’s estate at 7am, so this will  be quite a different scenario…

We’re really excited about this event, and hope that by reporting live we can share the experience with all of those who help make Cognac-Expert.com the buzzing experience it is today.

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Looking Forward to Participating at Tonight's Charity Auction Dinner

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