Tonight, February 2nd, is New Year’s Eve in China. Thursday the 3rd sees China move into the year of the Rabbit and with the huge upshot in sales, it appears most people have chosen cognac to be their drink of choice to welcome it.

China's dragon is thirsty

China is now the 2nd largest consumer of cognac in the world after the USA, and the fact that their New Year has fallen around 10 days earlier this year has done much for the cognac companies 3rd quarter of sales.  Usually they would be included in the final quarter, but this year the Chinese New Year pre-orders came into the 3rd quarter.

Cognac has become such a staple requirement of the Chinese New Year celebrations that you can purchase specially prepared New Year hampers which include pineapple slices, ginseng, shark’s fin, abalone and of course, cognac, amongst other things.  In China, cognac is the drink of celebration, symbolizing love, prosperity and health.  In the business world it is synonymous with power.

The Chinese cognac consumers are divided into 3 different groups.  The 18-25 year olds who drink it for image; 25-49 age group who drink it to show they are middle class, and the 49+ age range who drink it for its wonderful taste.

Whatever reason they drink it for, I am sure that there will be many people around the world tonight who will be raising a glass of eaux-de-vie to toast the Chinese New Year.


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It’s Cognac all Round to Celebrate the Chinese New Year

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