This year, I was able to visit the tenth annual “Cocktails Spirits” expo in Paris #inbartenderswetrust. Upon arriving, there is a giant “Innovation Bar”, which serves all the newest products in the world of mixed drinks from sodas to spirits and everything in between, among them Cognac of course.

Cocktails Spirits - A Dash of Cognac in your Mixed Drinks!

There, Bache-Gabrielsen was awarded for his innovation, American Oak. There were several other Cognac producers up for prizes, including: Larsen Summer Blend, Dobbé 10 ans Brut de Fût, Bourgoin Verseau and Fine Pale, Godet God and N 1, and JLP Pasquet L’Organic 04.

Cocktails Spirits - A Dash of Cognac in your Mixed Drinks!

After having tasted some amazing new beverages at the Innovation Bar, I was off to sample many others  at all the brand booths in the Maison Rouge in Paris Bastille. The BNIC had an exceptionally well-supplied booth with Cognac Educators who also happen to be fantastic mixologists, Yoann Demeersseman and Reinhard Pohorec, to hand pick the right Cognac to taylor a cocktail to your taste. I personally enjoyed the Sazerac.

Cocktails Spirits - A Dash of Cognac in your Mixed Drinks!

Outside the BNIC booth, Rémy Martin was present at the Cointreau telephone booth, where I got to mix my own cocktail, which included the famous VSOP. Maison Ferrand was representing their own Cognacs along with their vast selection of other spirits. Merlet also had their own booth and won an innovation award for their creme de cassis. At the Meucow stand, there was a very interesting cocktail, finished off with their new bitters and a few bites of popcorn!

Cocktails Spirits - A Dash of Cognac in your Mixed Drinks!

Some producers made the choice to follow the BNIC up to Paris. I met Antoine Lam, the general manager of Cognac Menuet and got to sample his VSOP and XO qualities, which were both delicious. Maëlys and Frédéric Bourgoin were also there, presenting a brand new eau-de-vie in their range, the Verseau. Cognac ABK6 also had a representative at the BNIC booth. During the two-day expo, there were many opportunities to watch presentations and learn about various aspects of the bar industry, which, for me, was quite an experience. For example, “Keeping it Cool in Kabul”, presented by Claire Feral-Akram and Raphaël Le Conan and “Highs and Lows of Japanese Bartending” by Ueno Hidetsugu, illustrated the diversity of the HoReCa clients in the spirits industry while an entire program this year called P(our) Symposium was dedicated to “Gender” in the world of hospitality. The conferences were enlightening, the beverages refreshing, and the company lively. For all of these reasons, I highly recommend a trip to Cocktails Spirits for the eleventh edition! Here are some of the new Cognac cocktail recipes I gleaned while I was there.


Article written by Amy Pasquet, from Cognac Jean Luc Pasquet

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Cocktails Spirits - A Dash of Cognac in your Mixed Drinks!

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