Yes! It’s end of september and we announce the first christmas cognac, “a Cognac at the very Heart of excellence”. Remy Martin launches winter edition Coeur De Cognac – a set for christmas 2010.

We did not have the chance yet to taste this one.

Founded in 1724, Rémy Martin brings a sweet summer winter bottle to the market of 2010.

Remy Martin winter edition Coeur De Cognac

Rémy Martin’s cellar master Pierrette Trichet:

“For Christmas 2010, Rémy Martin is giving pride of place to Cœur de Cognac, whose smooth, sun-kissed aromas of apricots and peaches are a perfect escape on a winter’s day.”

“On the nose, we wanted to accentuate the characteristic of ripe summer fruits. On the palate, we worked
to achieve a smoothness and a sweetness that diminishes the sensation of the alcohol. With Cœur de
Cognac we have achieved a softness and body that lines the mouth, just like biting into a ripe apricot.”

The cognac is supposed to consist of rounded and smooth aromas, a “perfect partner” for sweet flavours, “fruity notes”.

Kit Coeur de Cognac Christmas

Further Rémy Martin description:

Nestling in an orange-coloured coffret, beside a screen-printed bottle of Cœur de Cognac, these
fine flakes of Summer Snow are exclusive to this limited edition. They are contained within two
phials, carefully-wrapped in a white leather case, and accompanied by a bespoke measuring spoon.

The presentation set also includes an exclusive booklet of original recipes, devised by Rémy Martin
Executive Chef Philippe Saint Romas, which celebrate the unique potential of Summer Snow and
are sure to delight the palates of accomplished cooks and novices alike.

For a more day-to-day suggestion, sprinkle Summer Snow over the simplest of your desserts to
appreciate the surprising and harmonious combination of flavours.

And savour with a glass of Cœur de Cognac on the rocks, for a perfect taste experience…

If anyone had the opportunity to taste it, please comment and share your experience.

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Christmas Limited Edition

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    the second photo looks like photoshopped.. what kind of kit is that? i don’t get it.

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