Chocolate Milk for Adults to Rub Shoulders with Landy Cognac

WJ Deutsch & Sons have joined forces with the Adult Beverage Company (ABC) to power forward the distribution of the brand – Adult Chocolate Milk.

Adult Chocolate Milk, which is 40 per cent proof and contains vodka, cream and chocolate, will now rub shoulders with the company’s spirit portfolio that includes Landy Cognac, Luksusowa Vodka, Villa Massa and The Original Moonshine.

Adult Chocolate Milk

Peter Deutsch, CEO of WJ Deutsch & Sons, said that they hope to take the ABC products forwards, offering them to a far wider market and work to create new flavours.

Nikki Halbur, co-founder of ABC is delighted, saying that Deutsch has the resources and credibility to drive the brand forward.

Does this mean that the likelihood of a ‘chocolate milk with cognac’ is on the horizon?  Well, we’re just making guesses really.  But for those who like their eaux-de-vie pure and unadulterated, or even those risqué enough to enjoy it with ice – that may well be a step too far!


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