As is often the way, a good meal is often most remembered for a really great dessert.  So it’s possible to take two of life’s little pleasures, cognac and chocolate, and marry them together for the most fabulous of sinful delights.

Of course, if you are having a dinner party, don’t forget to offer each of them in their pure form as well.

Pysalis Cognac Praline

It’s a pleasure to eat a square or two of good quality dark chocolate whilst sipping your favourite cognac; the richness of the liquid tantalisingly enhanced by the bitterness of the chocolate.

There’s a multitude of ways to combine the ingredients into a mouth watering dessert.  You could choose a chocolate and cognac fondue or a hot chocolate passion dessert which also adds a dash of Tabasco for a slightly daring taste bud treat.  If you fancy a challenge, then maybe whip up a chocolate layer mouse cake with cognac and bitter sweet chocolate curls.  It’s bound to be a dessert to be remembered.

And let’s not forget the classic bittersweet chocolate and cognac truffles and pralines.  Whether home made or shop bought, these delicious delicacies should come with a health warning!

However you choose to intertwine the two, remember the old saying; A little bit of what you fancy does you good!  So enjoy… and see the recipes below at related articles.


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Chocolate and Cognac: Naughty but nice

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    Where can I get good cognac chocolate? I would love to taste that…

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    Yes, anyone an idea, where you can buy online good chocolate made with cognac? I tried some pralines in Bruxelles this summer, and I must say I really really like it. Stolle-Pralinen seems to be German?!

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