We love seeing new ways in which the luxury of cognac is combined with some other of life’s little pleasures.  And we’re sure you’ll agree that chocolate is certainly one of those.

Trained chef, Dan Johnson, runs the only chocolate making factory in downtown Buffalo, USA – aptly named Choco-Logo.  This is a man whose passion for chocolate is outweighed only by his desire to pair opposing tastes to create unique products that are sold by some of the world’s most well-known stores.


Retailers such as Tiffany & Co, Saks and Bloomingdales clamour to sell his wares.  Some examples that can be found in these high class retailers boast such pairings as wasabi and caramel or absinthe and lavender.  But for us, we consider that his greatest creation has to be his ‘cognac cherry cordial.’

These are cherries that have been soaked in cognac for about a week (which cognac, we don’t know).  These are then covered in dark chocolate and finished off with a sprinkling of what Johnson calls ‘chocolate nibs.’  These are the crowning touch to the sweet sensation, and are crushed raw cocoa beans that have been dried to the point of going sour.  This gives them an almost balsamic vinegary taste – and it’s this that offsets the sweetness of the cherry along with the decadence of the cognac when you bite into it.

Along with his uncanny ability to marry the most unlikely flavours, Johnson also gives back to the community by staffing his factory with people whom might not otherwise find employment.  These include homeless veterans and under employed refugees.

Together with his wife, Stephanie, the couple have successfully run their chocolate making business for the past two decades.

Sources, Pic: www.buffalonews.com

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Choco-Logo goes for Chocolate & Cognac

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