Question about a 750ml bottle of Chateau Fontpinot Cognac! If you have a bottle, too – and don’t know where it came from, what its history is like or need to know its market price: Contact us! Just send us the information you have and some pictures and we’ll post it here while trying to get some more information…

I am in possession of, and am researching the history of, a 750ml bottle of Chateau Fontpinot Cognac, Grand Champagne Premier Cru du Cognac – Tres Vieille Reserve du Chateau.

Chateau Fontpinot

My research thus far has come up with a similar bottle (marked XO) with a different label.  Please find attached, a photograph of the bottle and gift box for further detail.

Any information you might provide is truly appreciated. Thank you very much!

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Chateau Fontpinot Cognac Grand Champagne Premier Cru du Cognac - Tres Vieille Reserve

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    I’m looking for this cognac along time. Is this range replaced by the Fontpinot XO ? Who can tell me this ?

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    Robert Payne

    I have a bottle of Premier Cru Du Cognac, X.O. Pierre SEGUINOT & Fils pre 1986
    for sale. Please advise price (value) to the above E-Mail address.

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    Michael Heilsberger

    I have One bottle , Same as One the Photo.
    Do you want to buy this ?

    Best Regatta

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    richard barci

    i also am in possession of the exact bottle and box . bottle #f62187 would like to know any information on this and value thank you richard

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    I have about 48 50ml. bottles of this cognac with the exact same label and would like to know about it.

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