Château de Montifaud: Great Grande and Petite Champagne

Many cognac-brands?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=artikel&utm_campaign=kblinker” class=”kblinker” title=”More about cognac house »”>cognac houses are family run affairs, but not very many are actually set in a genuine chateau.  But the Vallet family can boast six generations who’ve lived and worked in the beautiful Chateau de Montifaud.

Producing cognacs of the same name, today’s father and son team produce cognac from the family properties that are based in both Petite and Grande Champagne.  But none of Château de Montifaud’s cognac are a blend of the two regions; instead they prefer to produce eaux-de-vie from one region or the other.

Chateau de Montifaud cellar

Add to this their penchant for ensuring that most of their cognacs are at least twice the age that they need to be – meaning that a Chateau de Montifaud VS is aged between 5-8 years, a VSOP at 8-10 years and XO 30 years, and you can begin to see the reason their cognacs are held in high regard.  Staying faithful to the traditional cognac making methods of their forefathers, Michel and Laurent Vallet produce cognacs that are well received in all regions of the world – especially in the high end Chinese market.

The cognac house also has a wonderful tradition, in that whenever a new child is born into the family a cask of cognac is produced in honour of that child.  It is then kept in the ‘Paradis;’ the place where only the oldest and most precious of eaux-de-vie is stored.  One can only wonder how many treasures are kept in that cellar – and what a wonderful family tradition.

To complement their VS, VSOP and XO cognac, Chateau de Montifaud also produce high-quality vintage cognacs for those with the most discerning palate, along with a rose and white Pineau des Charente.  A small cognac house, but one that produces some great cognacs.  So don’t pass up the chance to sample their wares if you ever get the chance.


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  1. Narada November 3, 2011 at 5:47 pm

    The XO is really nice and delicate. The Réserve spécial Michel Valet is an explosion of fruits with intense flavor. Both petite champagne, great quality at a bargain price, straigh from fromage the château.

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