Here’s a delightful new limited edition cognac that is likely to appeal to the cognac collector.  The Chateau de Montifaud 150th Anniversary Cognac is, as its name suggests, paying tribute to the history of the house that stretches back over the last 150 years..

Chateau de Montifaud 150th Anniversary Cognac

It was back in 1866 when the house was born, and since then the passion and knowledge for all things cognac has been passed down through six generations of the family.  Today, the house is in the capable hands of Laurent and Elodie Vallet, and the creation of the 150th Anniversary Cognac celebrates this love of cognac.  It is both in memory of these six generations, as well as being focused on the future.

The unique blend uses six different eaux-de-vie – each one chosen not only for its taste and how well it compliments the others, but also to represent each of the six generations of  the Vallet family as cognac producers.

The blend consists of cognacs from 1850, the heritage cognac – Maurice Vallet, and eaux-de-vie from 1968, 1990, and 2005 make up the six.  The bottle is presented in a delightful case that represents the gates to the family’s paradise cellar, and each is marked with a hand-crafted wax sweal and has a numbered certificate.  And in honour of the fact that the cognac house was created in 1866, the limited edition is in a run of only 1866 bottles.

Discover more about the creation of Chateau de Montifaud 150th Anniversary Cognac in the videos below.

Find out more about Chateau de Montifaud Cognac, or purchase your own piece of history with the 150th Anniversary Cognac in our online shop.

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Introducing the New Chateau de Montifaud 150th Anniversary Cognac

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