The castle of cognac Otard has undergone four months of restoration work and refurbishment.  The building is a part of French history, boasting the place where Louise de Savoie and Charles d’Angoulême first met, giving rise to the future king of France – François Ier.

Chateau Cognac Otard

The oldest part of the castle is the former dining room, and it’s graced by magnificent thirteenth century arches.  This is where the work has taken place, and the walls have been painstakingly cleaned and brought back to their former glory.

After the French revolution, the castle was bought by the cognac merchant – Jean-Baptiste Antoine Otard – and has remained in Otard hands ever since.  The restorative work has cleaned the walls that were blackened by fungus from storage over the centuries, bringing the magnificent sculptures and reliefs back to their former glory.

The castle of Cognac Otard plays host to 40,000 visitors a year who come to find out its history and products.

Pic:  Rosier GNU Free Documentation License version 1.2

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Chateau de Cognac Premises Undergo a Facelift

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