When it comes to family run cognac houses, Camus Cognac is the largest, and arguably, most famous of them all. And when they celebrated their 150-year anniversary in 2013, we were delighted to report about their commemorative product, the Camus Cuvee 5.150 Cognac.

But just in case this wasn’t luxury enough for the celebration of 15 decades of cognac mastership, we’d like to tell you about another, this time unique, product.  It’s been produced in conjunction with Baccarat Crystal, and is entitled ‘The Organoleptic Piano.’

So, what is it exactly, as the name doesn’t really give that much of a clue…?  Well, it’s a collection of five crystal decanters (designed by renowned French Designer, Serge Mansau) that are housed in an elegant lacquered steel casing.  Designed to resemble the leg of a piano shaped in the letter ‘C’, it’s quite difficult to describe – and as they say, a picture paints a thousand words…

Camus Cognac: The Organoleptic Piano

Inside the casing are five delicate Baccarat Crystal cognac decanters.  Each nestles in a separate compartment that is accessed by lifting a ‘piano key’.  And you open them by touching with a fingertip – in the same method as if you were playing a note on a piano.  As a finishing touch, each ‘key’ is topped by a brass plaque engraved with an ode to the cognac inside.

Camus Cognac: The Organoleptic Piano

The Organoleptic Piano is designed to house the complete collection of the Camus Masterpiece Cuvees.  It goes without saying that this delightful piece has been lovingly created by hand.  In fact, it took six French artisans over 300 hours to complete.

Camus Cognac: The Organoleptic Piano

Camus Brand Ambassador, Frederic Dezauzier, said of the piece, “We wanted to compose a symphony for the senses as a tribute to 150 years of tradition and excellence, to set the tone for the next 150 years…”

Camus Cognac: The Organoleptic Piano

This one off piece was sold by auction to an anonymous buyer for an undisclosed sum.

Click here to discover more about Camus Cognac.


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Camus Cognac: The Organoleptic Piano

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