Camus Cognac has made its first major foray into the Thai market recently with a launch party held at the Eugenia Hotel in Bangkok.

Under the name ‘Jazzy Cognac,’ the night was hosted by the Thai company, Ilathai Food and Beverage.  Camus regional representative, Maxence Goinere, told the gathered party goers the story of the brand and explained a little about the cognac making process.

Camus in Bangkok

Camus is keen to expand further into the Thai and eastern market – eager to follow in the footsteps of ‘the big four’ as they continue to grow sales to this area of the globe.

The fact that Camus Cognac is a family run brand (and the fifth largest in terms of production and sales), is a big plus point for the family conscious eastern market, and one that was discussed at length during night of Jazzy Cognac.

Mr Goinere, along with talking about the company’s long history, also led three tasting sessions.  These allowed people to enjoy the delights of Camus Cognac VSOP, Camus Elegance XO and Camus Extra Elegance.

He also extolled the virtues of drinking cognac from the tulip shaped, Riedel cognac glass, as opposed to the glasses the Thais are more used to.  After explaining the reasoning behind this (because of the strong alcohol content), people were given the chance to try for themselves.  Iltathai Food and Beverage product manager, Anuchit Saeng-on (who also won the Thai 2006 wine challenge), agreed that he preferred drinking cognac from the Riedel glass.

The evening was wrapped up with Maxence Goinere promoting the two eaux-de-vies the company is due to release this month: the Camus Rarissimes 1940 Vintage Cognac, of which a limited edition of only 280 bottles are to be produced, and the Camus Cuvee 2.105 Family Legacy.  Both will be presented in Baccarat crystal decanters designed and produced specifically for these products.

Learn more about Camus and their cognacs.

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Camus Cognac gets Jazzy in Bangkok

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