It’s the turn of Camus Cognac to release a new product, the Camus Borderies VSOP Limited Edition.

The creation of Cellar Master, Patrick Leger, this 100 per cent single growth VSOP is composed mainly of Ugni Blanc eaux-de-vie. A subtle yet aromatic cognac, this limited edition comes in individually numbered bottles, each featuring the signatures of both the Cellar Master and Cyril Camus.

New Release: Camus Borderies VSOP 2014 Limited Edition Cognac

As the name suggests, this is a blend of only Borderies grown grapes – one of the smallest of all the growing areas, and one in which Camus is one of the largest land owners. It’s packaged in the modern, screw cap bottles that instantly mark it out as a Camus Cognac product.

We’ve not yet had the chance to sample the cognac.  however, the house have provided tasting notes. Orange in hue, with rich amber flashes, the nose gives hints of vanilla and orange, along with soft a softly floral, spicy aroma.  On the palate there’s a hint of woodiness, and the finish is long, well-balance and fresh.

The Camus Borderies VSOP 2014 Limited Edition Cognac will be available on a worldwide basis from April 2014.  The price for a 1 litre bottle (duty free), is around $84 US dollars.

Read more about Camus Cognac here.

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New Release: Camus Borderies VSOP 2014 Limited Edition Cognac

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    I have 2 bottles of this i purchase last december here in new york paided 41.00 us for each and yes these exact bottle have one in my collection and drinking one so i do not get how what your saying about price and release date

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