C by Courvoisier is the new Cognac by Courvoisier

Courvoisier just announced a new product, called C by Courvoisier. It’s a cognac and they even call it revolutionary cognac. “C” is supposed to open a new way of consuming cognac – a new approach to the category. And it’s produced in small batches, double barrel aged.

C by Courvoisier Cognac

This blend comes from 50 selected winegrowers from Charente, only Fins Bois.

C By Courvoisier

“The liquid is first aged in young barrels to bring out a strong, wood character and give it a full-bodied, intense flavor,” said Patrice Pinet, Master Blender for Courvoisier.

C by Courvoisier Cognac

We found the first images of the bottle. It is the typical bottle, yes.. the new bottle has a splashy “gangsta” C on its front.

“It is then aged in mature barrels to round out the taste profile and deliver a silky finish. With hints of carnation, orange peel, clove, toast and crusty bread in its flavor profile, it is best served chilled for a truly unforgettable experience.”

C by Courvoisier is positioned as a drink that’s perfect for ‘a night out with the guys’. The flavour is rather fruity, and floral – some wood. The cognac comes in Courvoisier’s typic Josephine 750ml bottle, is at 40% ABV.

Courvoisier C Cognac bottle!

The price is at $ 35 and can be bought in the US, kicked of nationwide. So where can we buy C, Cognac by Courvoisier, that tripple C Cognac?

Read more about C by Courvoisier.

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  1. TheCrew June 17, 2012 at 3:49 pm


    There’s this new documentary by Dustin Lynn on Courvoisier, really amazing!!
    They show the company in Cognac, France, Hong Kong and so much more 😐

  2. ROBERT JAMES MR.C June 29, 2013 at 12:37 am

    I’d grown accustom to enjoying my Cognac mixed with Vernor’s ginger soda, in a tall glass, the new “C” has the pleasant/aromatic and pleasing taste experience that can be, enjoyed solo.

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