If you are wondering, where you can buy cognac online in the internet, then you have arrived at the right place.

In January 2013 we launched the Cognac-Expert.com Online Shop. Discover over 400 different Cognac bottles ready to be shipped to you, anywhere in the world, directly from the region of Cognac.

Enter the Cognac shop

Many of our readers used to ask us questions like “Where Can I Buy Hennessy online?” or other brands, looking for online shops which offer Cognac and Brandy. Often users require the bigger cognac brands, and that’s not that too tough to purchase online.

The problem was: You can’t order smaller and mid-sized cognac that easily on the web. There are some cognac online shops, it’s true – but most of them have a limited offer, and the information about the products is limited.

Why was it so difficult to order Cognac online?

First of all, it’s alcohol. And alcohol is always tricky to ship worldwide, but we solved this by finding a distributor who handles international taxes, with their importing and exporting rules.

Some cognac brands don’t want to consider their bottles as mass ware, so they follow an exclusive distribution model. This is why, it’s not easy to even get larger quantities of Remy Martin XO, Hennessy XO, Camus and those bigger brands in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Thailand etc. because the best cognac brands want to keep up with their prices. Old cognacs, high prices, low quantity. In the US it’s rather the other way around: Many young cognac bottles such as VS (for mixing), and high quantity.

Buying Cognac online in the US

If you want to order cognac online in the United States of America, it might be difficult to get a wide range of different cognacs, an offer that really satisfies – at a good price. Cognac purchasing online will never be for a low price, because shipping, import taxes and import laws make it difficult for both importers and cognac exporters.

But today, Cognac-Expert.com has the solution.

It used to be difficult to import a piece of sausage to the US, you are not really allowed to import anything; which might be due to the negative import/export balance of the US (importing a lot, exporting not so much). So you need a special license to import cognacs, if  they are to be resold. If you send directly to a customer in the US, it is already much more simple.

Learn more about about shipping, prices and taxes in our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

By the way, in the bigger US cities such as New York City, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and LA you will of course find liquor stores and shops that have good cognac offers. But you will never find a store with over 400 different cognacs, from small producers to the big brands.

Importing Cognac from France

There are many importers from Asia and the US that were asking us: How can we order a couple of cognac bottles to our country? Well, it is now possible to buy in a our online store. It may be more difficult to order directly from the producer, as bottles sent by producers may happen to cause problems with customs – there needs to be an import license, which is provided by our partner.

It rarely happens that shipped cognacs do not arrive at in the US, and sent back.
You also can’t simply ship alcohol to Scandinavia; Sweden, Norway, Finland – because each country has a state monopoly, and alcohol taxes are rather high. Canada is another example of alcohol monopolies, it doesn’t make things easier.

What is a good cognac online shop?

Well,  a good cognac shop website should include a lot of products (like our Cognac-Expert.com Shop with 400+ different cognacs), information and news about the category and world of Eaux-de-vie, newsletters and social activity on facebook and twitter; sharing our experiences about Cognac, the drink and the region.

You also find expensive high-end cognacs on our website, bottles you will not find in every liquor and beverages store – and one thing is for sure: There are counterfeits everywhere, but not with Cognac-Expert.com. The bottles are directly sourced from the producers, are packaged and shipped from the region’s capital Cognac.

Cognac Gift sets are becoming more and more popular, and those items and sets are offered in many online stores. We haven’t introduced a gift service yet, we might do that if our users demand it.

Gifts can be either different age qualitiy sets from one cognac brand, or different Cognacs from different houses. Especially in the US our readers seem to be more and more interested in cognac gifts.

If you are looking to buy VSOP Cognac online, or a place that is selling good XO Cognacs and Vintage Cognacs, our site is exactly what you were looking for.

Where can I find my favourite cognac ?

Many users sent us messages or left comments about this issue: “How Can I Order Some of my favourite Cognac?” and “Where can I purchase cognac XY..” and “How do I get a bottle of XO?” and so on! It’s tough sometimes to find the right bottle you want, especially when you do not live in Europe. You can now find all your favorite bottles on Cognac-Expert.com, the best place to order cognac online, wherever you live and what your country is.

Discover the Cognac Online Shop

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    @cognac_expert : thanks for this interesting post that explain very well how difficult it is to develop a worldwide web distribution strategy.
    However, French people can order our full Cognac range online directly from our estate.
    Here is the link of our web-store : http://boutique.abecassis-cognac.com

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    I have a bottle of Hine Antique Tres Vieille Fine Champagne Cognac that has been sitting in a china cbinet for over 30 years. I believe it may be older than that. If you are interested in talking more about this let me know.

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