A reader found a Martell Medaillon VSOP Cognac in the basement of a house in Athens during the renovation. Bottle is unopened. There is a Greek tax label at the cork.

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Martell Medaillon VSOP Cognac

-the name off importer “Sellar A.E.”
– some numbers under the name of importer “13/1968 ( i guess is the
date of import, or date of production )
-the address and the phone number of the importer

Martell Medaillon VSOP Cognac

-and the serial number MB No 042511
Everything written in old Greek ( Katharevousa ) Unfortunately he front and the back label is missing.
There is gold medallion attached to the ribbon, “Martell V.S.O.P. Cognac ” is written on it.

If you have any comments, please go for it.

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Bottle of Martell Medaillon VSOP Cognac in a Greek Basement

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    This is a rather interesting bottle, the contents of which probably started life in the barrel between 1920-1930. Martel were making quite good cognac during this period and it is probably between 10-20 years old. It is not hugely valuable but would probably be worth around a hundred pounds. for further information please contact Brandyclassics.

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    Well, if I were you, I would not open it. The liquid level seems too low witch means evaporation. Evaporation means, very often, oxydation and finally loss of quality plus, sometimes,corky taste,
    You might be very disapointed with your tasting and as far as financial value is concerned, no collector will pay a cent for an open bottle.

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    Hi I have a sealed martell vsop special reserve .7 cl size black label …I think its1980 but not certain …any interest comment ill put pics up

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    Frederic: The bottle shown above has a perfect level… you should compare to other 1968 bottles of Martell. I am sure the cognac is good.

    Brandyclassics: This is nowhere near a 1920-1930 cognac. It is a standard 1968 Martell Medaillon VSOP so the cognac is less than 10 years old. Distilled around 1960. With missing label and no box this bottle is worth less than $100.

    Danny: Is your Special Reserve a VSOP or a Napoleon? Could not locate a Special Reserve VSOP… there is a Special Reserve Napoleon with a Black Label from the 1990s. Not a highly collectible cognac.

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