The place is South Africa. There is a villa in the style of a french country house. Lavender, nice light, some nice canapés, easy – a pretty woman sings: it’s a luxury late summer afternoon. The event was held at a stunning house in Bishops Court.

Bisquit launches sales in South Africa with a "country house event"

People are dressed in French retro-chic acessoires and they drink Cognac. But not any Cognac – it’s Bisquit Cognac.

retro chic

And the group of people are actually selected journalists. It’s a kick-off event for Bisquit’s market entry in South Africa. A photographer takes pictures, as souvenirs.

Easy living

The guests sip VS Classique and VSOP Fine Champagne, neat or with some ice. Of course, the strongly pushed and promoted Cognac cocktail “Summit” was present at that party. Summit is a cocktail with ginger, lemonade and a bite of lime.

Chris Rawlinson writes about the event:

Of course there was a Cognac tasting session with the VS Classique (approx R260), this one to me had a strong yellow citrus nose and a plumish taste, great for mixing or on its own with lots of ice. Then came my favorite, the Bisquit VSOP Fine Champagne (approx R445), I honestly think this is the best Cognac I have ever tasted, the nose was subtle with dried fruit scents, and the taste was just out of this world, perfectly rounded, with mellow fruit, by far my favorite.

To finish the day we got to wind down outside eating fantastic canapés, listening to relaxing live music, and then just to cap it off I won a competition to get to keep the designer chair and side table, made for the photo shoot by legendary local designer Francois Irvine !! I just pray when they deliver it they supply a bottle of the VSOP for the side table to complete the look.

Photography by Jacques Botha

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Bisquit launches sales in South Africa with a

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