It’s official…  Seventeen members of the Rotary Clubs of the Charente and Charente Maritime have met the challenge of putting together a record breaking collection of Cognacs.

1008 individual bottles, with the oldest bottle dating back to 1850, is now officially a unique collection that’s to be displayed in the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire de Cognac before being offered for sale to the highest bidder.


The previous record holder listed in the Guinness Book of Records is a Canadian with a mere 367 bottles.

The instigator behind this enormous collection is Michael Pasquet, who brought together the Rotary Clubs of Cognac and Jarnac to create the world’s largest single collection of eaux-de-vie.

A huge amount of brands are included in the collection – indeed there are 435 different Cognac houses represented.  Many of these have been donated by the houses themselves.  200 of the bottles are rare and exceptional Cognacs, including 46 vintage bottles.  The bottles have been donated by both large and small houses, as well as by generous individuals who wished to participate in the cause.

One of these, which was only donated last Sunday by an anonymous person is a bottle of JF Martell Réserve du Fondateur Cognac.  This treasure is one of a run of only 2020 bottles of very old eaux-de-vie.  This is number 1019 in the series.

The collection will be displayed until 20th January 2013, whereafter one of the exclusive auction houses – perhaps Christies or Sothebys – will sell off the collections with the proceeds going to charity.


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Largest Cognac Collection In The World Enters Guinness Book of Records

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