It’s award time again. The renowned Internatonal Wine & Spirits Competition (ISWC) held in London has announced the winners for 2017’s Best Cognacs.

The medals are awarded in three categories for Cognac–Bronze, Silver, and Gold–with the added bonus ‘Outstanding’ in each medal range.

It’s exciting to see more and more Cognac brands realizing the importance of entering their creations into such competitions. After all, being judged against your fellow Cognac houses in similar categories must be nerve wracking and elating at once when your pride and joy is bestowed with an award.

Let’s get on with seeing who’s gained the top honors for 2017. A lot of the winners are available in our online shop–shipped to your door direct from Cognac, France.

Gold ‘Outstanding’ medal winner


Roullet VSOP Grande Champagne Cognac–also the winner of the Cognac Trophy 2017. We extol the virtues of this incredibly great value for money VSOP. If you’ve not yet discovered the delights of Roullet Cognacs, then this is the place to start. Buy Roullet VSOP

Gold medal winners

Louis Royer:

Louis Royer XO Cognac – Won World’s Best Cognac in 2016. If you like full and intense, old Cognacs: this XO is a must-have for your cabinet. Buy Louis Royer XO


Cognac Richelieu XO

KWV heritage:

KWV Heritage XO Cognac

Silver ‘Outstanding’ medal winners


Bisquit Interlude Cognac – Produced in a very limited edition of only 1,000 bottles per year. Buy Bisquit Interlude

De Luze:

De Luze XO Fine Champagne Cognac – Complex, spicy, and nutty.  In a word – delicious, and one of our favorites.


Frapin VIP XO Cognac – A truly delightful Cognac that we adore.  Only released in 2016 and already a multi-award winner. Buy VIP XO


Gautier Extra 1755 Cognac – Rich yet delicate, with a long finish.  Definitley deserves to be awarded in the ‘outstanding’ category

J Dupont:

J Dupont Art Deco XO Grande Champagne Cognac

J Dupont Art Nouveau VSOP Grande Champagne Cognac

Jules Gautret:

Jules Gautret VS Cognac – An exceptional VS quality – perfect for those who enjoy a young Cognac neat or on the rocks


Martell XO Cognac – It’s second award this year – and well deserved, we have to say


Thorin VSOP Grande Champagne Cognac – Round, oaky and fruity – enjoy neat or over ice

Comte Joseph:

Comte Joseph VSOP Cognac

Silver medal winners

A E Dor:

A E Dor XO Vieille Fine Champagne Cognac – An absolute favorite the world over with those who know their Cognac, an outstanding XO at an unbeatable price

A E Dor Vieille Reserve No 6 Hors d’Age Cognac – A Spicy, top quality Cognac

A E Dor VSOP Rare Fine Champagne Cognac – Superb VSOP from this artisan house

Bache Gabrielsen:

Bache Gabrielsen Hors d’Age Grande Champagne Cognac – Contains eaux-de-vie dating back to 1917

Bache Gabrielsen XO Fine Champagne Cognac – A multi-award winning Cognac.  And rightfully so.


Camus Borderies VSOP Cognac – Produced in a limited edition

Francois Voyer:

Francois Voyer XO Gold Cognac – Another multi-award winner over the years.  A great Grande Champagne example of a fabulous VSOP

Francois Voyer Age d’Or Grande Champagne Cognac

Francois Voyer VSOP Vaudon Cognac


Frapin VSOP Cognac – Been winning medals since 2003. It’s a keeper!


Gautier VS Cognac – A delightful Fins Bois and Bons Bois combination

Gautier VSOP Cognac – Offers outstanding value

Gautier XO Cognac – Round, full bodied, with excellent rancio

Gautier XO Pinar del Rio Exclusive Cigar Blend Cognac – An excellent cigar Cognac


Godet XO Fine Champagne Cognac – Aged for around 35 years

Godet XO Terre Cognac

Godet VSOP Selection Speciale – This VSOP has been racking up awards since 1999. Offers exceptional value for money for a Cognac of this quality

Jean Fillioux:

Jean Fillioux Cep d’Or XO Selection Cognac – Really does represent why the Grande Champagne terroir is the ‘premier cru’

Jules Gautret:

Jules Gautret VSOP Cognac – The perfect VSOP for those who like a slightly sweeter taste


Larsen XO Cognac – Mature and round, a great blend of Grande Champagne and Fins Bois eaux-de-vie

Larsen Viking Ship Fine Champagne Cognac – A great Cognac housed in a ‘Viking Ship’ bottle – comes in different colors and is a real collector’s piece

Larsen VS Cognac

Louis Royer:

Louis Royer Extra Cognac – Multi-award winner over the years.  A Superb Grande Champagne offering

Louis Royer VS Cognac – Young, floral, and vibrant.  A versatile VS Cognac

Louis Royer VSOP Cognac – A great Cognac to start with if you’re new to the brand of Louis Royer


Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac – Needs no introduction.  This classic Cognac is as good today as its inception over a century ago

Martell VSOP Medallion Cognac – Excellent value for money, exceedingly round and balanced for a VSOP


Merlet Brothers Blend Cognac – A delightful VSOP.  We particularly enjoy this one over ice

Merlet Selection St Sauvant No 1 Cognac

Remy Martin:

Remy Martin Carte Blanche a Baptiste Loiseau Merpins Cellar Selection Cognac – A limited edition (7,000 bottles only), and well worth the price

Remy Martin Club Cognac – A Napoleon quality, Petite Champagne classic

Remy Martin XO Cognac – A wonderful flowery bouquet with an excellent length of finish


Tiffon VS Cognac – A feisty, yet delightful young Cognac

Tiffon VSOP Cognac – Floral, with a slightly spicy aftertaste


Thorin XO Grande Champagne Cognac – Delightfully delicate.  Hints of orange on the palate

Bimmerle KG:

Bimmerle KG Vieux Garcon VS Cognac


Chevalier VS Cognac


Check out these and many other Cognacs for sale in our online shop–shipped to your door direct from Cognac, France.



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