The Vinexpo is all about catching the attention of the passerbys. First comes the curiosity about the brand and its look and then the engagement with the actual product. Some of the booths were almost like art exhibitions or architectural models. The cognac producers made huge efforts to develop stands that reflect their philosophy and present to the visitors the most exciting experience, while offering space for tastings and business meetings. You’ll only get the same experience at the cognac estates themselves and we received many invitations to come and visit, which we will for sure do when back in the region.

Of course the spectrum of stands ranges quite significantly in size and display, simply because different cognac houses have different budgets for marketing and PR. Smaller companies had to be really creative to keep up with some of the ambitious structures their competitors pulled out of their sleeves… And there were some truly great results.

Here come Cognac Expert’s Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals for the best stands at Vinexpo 2011.


Tesseron‘s Stand

We loved the thoughtful and natural look of this presentation right at the entrance to Hall 3. The team built a large mahagony-like shelf running across all sides of the booth. Inside, they placed huge round bottles filled with cognac and old baskets and objects one would normally expect in a romantic countyside getaway.

The stand felt extremely serene and elegantly minimal while at the same time creating an association with their products that was organic and warm. Well done Tesseron!


Jenssen’s Stand

For one of the smaller cognac stands around, it was very unique. One almost had the feeling of sitting in a trendy bar in London or New York City – walls covered with wallpaper, nice lighting and cocktail tables with high stools. Only the Lounge music was missing… But then again, cognac is to the palette what music is to the ears, a sensory experience.

The modern stylish look of the booth goes perfectly with the simple and tasteful bottle design that Jenssen developed. We really appreciated how harmoniously everything fit together and the displays were beautiful. We can’t wait to make it to the estate for more French-Scandinavian style.


Meukow‘s Stand

Meukow Cognac had an outstanding presence at the Vinexpo 2011. The stand was located in a central place in Hall 1, where everyone had to pass by, it was impossible to miss. The booth was an orange futuristic structure with the beautiful emblem of the cognac house, the black panther, decorating the sides. Once entering the stand, you felt completely immersed in the Meukow universe, with an impressive bar, cozy lounge corners and bistro tables. People were hovering in here to get a taste and a feel for exclusivity, the perfect atmosphere for cognac lovers and enthusiasts. It reflected everything that Meukow cognac is about: luxury, beauty, power.

Congratulations to Meukow for winning this year’s Cognac Expert Gold Medal for the Best Stand at Vinexpo 2011.

See you next year!

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The Three Best Cognac Stands at Vinexpo 2011

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