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Since january 2010 we received quite some questions… and here is a selection of 14 great questions we were asked:

1. When was the town of Cognac founded?
Answer: The origins of the town of Cognac are not entirely clear. Some claim that the town is somehow linked to the site of  Condate, which lies between Saintes and Périgeux – but not really sure what happened back then. A different theory is, that Cognac is linked to the name of Conniacum (the house of Connius) which was already mentioned in the first century.It was the home of a gallo-roman person, where his family and slaves used to live.

If you are interested in the history of the eau-de-vie, the brandy, see here.

2. What is the most expensive Cognac in the world?
Answer: See a top ten list of the most expensive Cognacs, here.

3. Where can I buy Luda Yak?
Answer: Soon probably in a lot of states in the US, not in Europe. Please see this article about Conjure Cognac of Birkedal Hartmann and Ludacris.

4. What is Russian Cognac?
There is not such a thing. There is Kognac and a whole, complex story about brand rights and laws.. see this article about it, here.

5. I want to know about Cognac distillation method : How do Cognac stills or the cognac distillation process look like in general? Is there a difference between French pot stills and ‘normal’ ones? What is the  “swan’s neck” in the pot stil, and how does the alembic for wine distilling work?

How is alcohol produced, how does maturing and ageing work? What is the difference between an alembic and a pot still?

Answer: You should just look at this article, that will explain the whole method to you: here.

What is rancio or Rancio Charentais?

6. Kush Cognac: What is it? Is hemp in it? Where can I buy Kush Cognac?
Answer: please just look at this article.
7. Cooking with brandy or Cognac
Answer: Yes! See this selection of great recipes, here.

8. What is rancio or the charentais rancio?
Answer: There is a whole science around this word, find a description and the definition here.

9. I also like the question “Do you need to rent a car to see the cognac houses in cognac region”?
Answer: Yes. If you really want to discover smaller single estate vinewards – see the whole region to get the big picture, get a car. Look at this article to get a feeling about the six areas of Cognac with its different crus, here.

10. Is there Japanese Cognac?
Answer: No there is not such a thing. Yes there is Japanese brandy. But Cognac must come from Charente, always. Read about Japanese Cognac culture, here.

11. Premium Cognac is expensive because…
Answer: it’s very rare and old. Read about expensive Cognac here.

12. The top Cognac brands are?…
Answer: The top Cognac brands are listed here.

13. The best Cognac cocktail, or even better the best Cognac in the world.
Answer: Wow, first answer, look at this list and try some cocktails. You’ll find out. Second question is really tough. The best Cognac in the world is the one you really like… The one which really tastes good. If you want to know how to taste the best Cognac, see here.

14. Questions like “What is the best Cognac for under $800” or the best VSOP Cognac under $40 ?
Answer: You have to choose but why not have a look at this list of awards? It’s from the international spirits competition in SanFran, USA. The best VSOP Cognac under $40 will probably a non-mass product. But it’s up to you…

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