The Battle Gains Pace: EU Planting Rights Threaten Cognac Economy

The FNSEA (Federation National des Syndicats d’Exploitants Agricoles) are leading the fight against the proposed EU relaxation of vine planting rights. It could also have a negative impact on the Appelation of Cognac.

On March 03 Jerome Despey, Vice President of the FNSEA was invited to Cognac to speak on the subject and has called for all the various wine producers and vine organisations to join together against this threat.

Will EU planting rights destroy Cognac culture?

If one would abandon the planting rights, the territoires would be destroyed – the agricultural structure would be changed, a devestating impact.

Convince 27 European countries

Mr Despey says that it is necessary for the various organisations to unite in what it is that they want.  We must go beyond just saying ‘we want the planting rights,’ and specify exactly what this means.  It may involve flexibility on both sides and everyone must be in agreement. President Sarkozy is against the liberalization of the planting rights, but the 27 European member countries still need to be convinced in order to save the current structure.

The organisations need to speak together in a united voice to defend their position.  But he also says he is optimistic about the future and that it is critical for the economic survival of the region.


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  1. Thomas March 7, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    Why does the European Union have to put their nose in eveything, especially when it comes to traditional planting rights. There is a reason why the cognac appellation and other appellation are protected, geographically limited, with limited licences to sell and acquire. If one would abolish the original planting rights system, everyone could grow vines in Charente, and use it for Cognac production? that would mean the offer would go up again, but on the other hand would it really threaten the stucture and market balance? I think the demand for cognac would be still higher than the actual offer. But what about quality?

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