There is a new limited edition: Baron Otard XO Gold Precious Edition – limited to travel retail & duty free, only. So you’d need to take a plane to buy this Baron Otard cognac. You might want to read about our trip to cognac, when we also visited Otard. 

The limited edition Baron Otard XO Gold was just released, exclusive for duty-free and travel retail. The XO Edition comes in a One-Litre bottle, a gold coloured packaging.

So we’re just wondering if this Baron Otard Edition is the same as the “normal” XO Gold, but we’d say: yes.

DFNI quotes Baron Otard’s Philippe Jouhaud said: “The Baron Otard XO Gold Precious Edition is one example of how we are continuing to grow the presence of this exceptional cognac in travel-retail. As the category continues to experience massive growth in Asia, Baron Otard XO Gold, along with Baron Otard Extra and Baron Otard Fortis et Fidelis, continues to meet the growing demand for higher-quality cognacs. The strong momentum behind the brand in travel-retail is continuing to build and we’re looking forward to a very exciting 2013.”

Well, good luck Otard. You might be intereted in discovering other Limited Editions of Cognac bottles.

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Pic & Source: DFNI

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Baron Otard XO Gold Precious Edition is a Limited Edition for Travel Retail Only

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    Mike nguyen

    Want this for my collection. Please tell me your asking price if you have a bottle

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    Hi! Everyone, i want to know what is the price on this Baron Otard Edition at the DutyFree. Please let me know just email me
    Thank you!!!!

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    Ngozi Oji

    I will love to buy this as a gift how much is it?

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