As regular readers know, we love it when new Cognacs or Cognac related products hit the shelves. But we have to say, we’re not so sure about this one! Personally I am not a huge Baileys fan – just far too creamy. And bad youth/first-time-drinking-experience experience.

Bailey XC : A Blend of Cream and Cognac

Baileys – the whisky based cream liqueur – have just launched a new product: Baileys XC.  Described by them as “an innovation in drinks alchemy”, its a blend of cognac, fine spirit and cream.

Baileys XC - A new combination hits the shelves

It’s being presented in a funky blue bottle, and is definitely being marketed towards the female drinker.  We have to say, we like the original Baileys, so we’ll have to give this one a try.  We’ll let you know what we think when we do…

It’s only available through the travel retail market, and is priced at 15 pounds/16 euros/22.50 US dollars.  For the month of May it’ll be available only through Gebr. Heinemann, and from June will be rolled out into the travel retail market.


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Baileys XC - A new combination hits the shelves

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  1. Avatar
    Ivette Mitchell

    This new Baileys with cognac taste fantastic to me…..I only got a bottle at the duty free airport thinking I will find some at the liquor store and when I find out liquor store doesn’t carry it I almost pass out… Please get it out to the liquor stores and also advertised it on TV…pleaseeeeee.

  2. Avatar
    sallyann lloyd

    I too brought at duty free loved it. when is this available in stores in UK please

  3. Avatar

    I bought a bottle and would absolutely recommend it to anyone who’s a Bailey’s drinker can’t wait to get it when it comes in the shops

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