Cognac Ferrand is due to launch a new blend at the TFWA Exhibition in Cannes, France, this September.  Called the 1840 Original Formula, Ferrand is describing the new product as ‘a revival of the classic three star cognac.’

Developed through extensive research of three star cognacs since the early 1800’s, this new blend is the brainchild of Alexandre Gabriel and Christian Guerin, Ferrand’s proprietor and cellar master respectively, along with the help of American spirits and cocktail historian, David Wondrich.

Back To The 19th Century For Cognac Ferrand

Between the three of them they had the onerous task of tasting and evaluating surviving examples, and the finished product is very close to the pre-phylloxera Pinet-Castillon Cognac from 1840 – a very rare bottle indeed.

Cognac Ferrand describe the blend as “fresh and floral, yet with enough darker, tannic notes to keep it from disappearing when mixed into a cocktail, punch or julep.”

They will also be unveiling two new non-cognac products as well.  The Pierre Ferrand Dry Orange Curaçao and the Rhum Guatemala Gran Añejo.


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Back To The 19th Century For Cognac Ferrand

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