New (Very) Limited Edition by Bache Gabrielsen: Pure & Rustic Single Estate Folle Blanche N°2

Launch! There is a new cognac from the house of Bache-Gabrielsen: A 100% Folle Blanche (grape variety) cognac that comes from a single estate in the Grande Chamagne region. Only a very limited amout of 400 bottles were produced.

We do know Bache’s Pure & Rustic line well, and love it. An authentic and artisanal product, with good value for money.

This Cognac is produced in collaboration with a renowned winegrower from the Grande Champagne growing area. It originates from a 23 hectare property near the village of Mainxe, 12 km from the center of Cognac. The grapes used are exclusively from the Folle Blanche grape variety. Giving a very delicate and floral aroma to this cognac distilled in the mid 90s and aged in oak barrels from Limousin since then.

The cognac comes in the typical Pure & Rustic 70cl bottle, and is at ABV 41,5%.

Learn more about this bottle and other Bache Gabrielsen Cognacs.

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