Breaking News: Bacardi to Launch Mystery Cognac in U.S.

Bacardi are well known in the USA for their light coloured spirits – white rum, Grey Goose vodka etc.  But they’ve now announced that they’re poised to launch a cognac to complement their repertoire in North America.

+++ Update on May 9, 2012: the new Bacardi Cognac is Dusse Cognac +++

Dussé Cognac

However, which cognac this might be remains a mystery, and president of Bacardi North America, Robert Furniss-Roe, is certainly keeping tight lipped over the matter.  The only clue he’s given so far is that it will be an example of what Bacardi is doing to address the growing demand in the USA for darker spirits, such as cognac and whisky.

Bacardi own Otard »”>Baron Otard Cognac, but they don’t currently distribute this brand in the U.S.  Whichever cognac it is that they decide to distribute, the roll-out will commence this summer and will be directly competing with the big four brands of Courvoisier, Hennessy, Remy Martin and Martell.

Bacardi Cognac: Young, mixable & trendy?

We think this will be a young, mixable and trendy cognac – competing with products like C by Courvoisier, Hennessy Black & VSOP and Remy V and VSOP. As the US is a market for rather ‘young’ cognacs, and a big chunk of consumers are afro-american, urban and nightlife/mixology orientated – it would only make sense to go for a stylish product for the mass market.

Stay tuned, and as soon as we hear any more about which cognac Bacardi will be distributing, we’ll let you know.


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