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Christmas Cognacs, Holiday Cocktails, and Cognac Recipes

There's no getting away from it—the run up to Christmas and the festivities is well and truly under way. Many people wonder what it's like to be in the city of Cognac for the holidays. Below is a first hand account from one who lives here, from an ex-pats point of view. And if there's ever a time of year to celebrate with the world's favorite brandy, then this has to be it. From baking to cocktails, special Christmas...
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Amy’s Cognac Pumpkin Pie

As an American living in France, Thanksgiving ranks among my top three of what I miss about the States. Family, friends, food, and football all together are amazing. I had to try to bring the holiday to Cognac country. For several years, we have hosted Thanksgiving at our house for family and friends who seek the same kind of fellowship. But it is not the same. It may have become better. You see, I am from what is called the Bible...
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Seafood and Cognac: Food Pairing is a new Art

Cognac is not just an after-dinner drink anymore! Its unique flavors pair exceedingly well with food to create new experiences for your taste buds. Here's the first article in our Cognac Food-Pairing Series–we're starting off with Seafood. Earlier this year, in the city of Cognac, Expérience sur Mesure, a company with a new food and wine concept to offer, was born. Oriane Chambon, former Château de L’Yeuse sommelier, and Cédric Coulaut, chef from the same fine-dining establishment just outside of Cognac,...
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Organic Cognac Today: Its Pioneers, and what to buy

Let’s start out with the basics: to make organic Cognac, a vintner must begin by growing organic grapes. Since grapes are a perennial crop, a farmer must cultivate them organically (with no chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers) for at least three sequential years to be able to label the Cognac produced as organic. Some Background Grapevines, when planted in monoculture and farmed intensively, like all other species are more prone to illness, so vintners must treat the vines in order to...
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Pierre Ferrand Booth Cocktails Spirits Paris

Cocktails Spirits – A Dash of Cognac in your Mixed Drinks!

This year, I was able to visit the tenth annual “Cocktails Spirits” expo in Paris #inbartenderswetrust. Upon arriving, there is a giant “Innovation Bar”, which serves all the newest products in the world of mixed drinks from sodas to spirits and everything in between, among them Cognac of course. There, Bache-Gabrielsen was awarded for his innovation, American Oak. There were several other Cognac producers up for prizes, including: Larsen Summer Blend, Dobbé 10 ans Brut de Fût, Bourgoin Verseau and...
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