This may come as a surprise, but Cognac Augier is the oldest of all the existing cognac houses. It was established in 1643 by a wine merchant, during a time when the region was still finding out about the potential of its grapes, wine, and distilled eau-de-vie. No one knew at that time what a success story Cognac would soon have worldwide. Buy the Augier Cognacs.

Cognac Augier: New Look, New Home at Pernod Ricard

Cognac Augier have limited production to select batches from the very early beginnings, guaranteeing only the most outstanding quality. To this day, the cognac house puts a lot of emphasis on employing traditional methods of production, and focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Augier is now back with a new appearance and a new home. In order to safeguard this unique legacy, the beverage giant Pernod Ricard has taken Cognac Augier under its wings. It’s a perfect match: Pernod Ricard is just as much a house of tradition as Augier is. Here are the 3 new bottles:

Le Sauvage

Cognac Augier: New Look, New Home at Pernod Ricard

A bold cognac achieved by distilling the wine on its fine lees, an old-fashioned natural method for distillation. The body is fresh but subtly balanced, boasting vibrant fruit notes. The finish is long. Grape: Ugni Blanc The Cognac region’s emblematic variety. Growth are: Petite Champagne. ABV: 40.8%. Price: approx 50$.

Le Singulier

Cognac Augier: New Look, New Home at Pernod Ricard

An invigorating and expressive cognac.  The body is very rounded. Fruit aromas are met with subtle wood notes on the palate. Grape: Folle Blanche (a rare grape variety with a unique aromatic intensity). Growth area: Grande Champagne. Fine lees: A natural distillation method using the wine fine lees in their natural proportion. ABV: 41.7%. Price: approx 50$.


L’ Océanique, as the name suggests, is characterized by an oceanic, iodised character. The body reveals strong mineral notes. The nose is floral and spiced with hints of tobacco. Growth area: Bois Ordinaires de L’Île d’Oléron (a very small and little-known terroir on the island of Oléron). Grape: Ugni Blanc. ABV: 40,1%. Price tbc.

Cognac Augier: New Look, New Home at Pernod Ricard

Here’s what Pernod Ricard say about the core values behind the Cognac Augier: “The pursuit of typicality and respect for local grapes and terroirs are our guiding principles. We create forthright, characterful cognacs using a traditional method of distillation that shows due regard to the origin of our eaux-de-vie.”

Their key philosophy is summed up as 3 main headings:

1) Non-chill filtered and elaboration without additives

2) Eaux-de-vie traceability to ensure genuineness

3) The ‘right’ alcoholic strength to determine each blend’s full potential

Cognac Augier stands by its traditional production methods, using only one grape variety from one growth area for one distillation method. The branding suggests a modern classic, beautifully bottled and designed with simple forms and colors.

Buy the Augier Cognacs.


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Cognac Augier: New Look, New Home at Pernod Ricard

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