It used to be called “Armenian Cognac”: Arbun is the new name

“Armenian Cognac” is dead. Long live Arbun.

Two months ago, the Armenian government approved a new name as the new trade mark name for brandy that comes from Armenia. Brandy production plays a serious role in the national economy: The products are exported in many countries and of course the Russian market is by far the largest.

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Armenian Cognac Nairi

The word ‘Arbun’ can be found on the Armenian brandy labels, together with the word ‘brandy’. In the past there were quite some conflicts between France and the Armenian producers as the eastern european brandy was sold as Amenian Cognac – but Cognac is a french trademark and must always come from the region of the town of Cognac. So this Armenian naming was stopped by the European Union.

Actually the Armenians started making brandy in 1887, while the french law on Cognac was drafted in 1909.

Why ‘Arbun’?

Arbun comes from an Armenian verb arbetsnel: it basically means “to make someone drunk”. Apparently there was a whole process of naming and discussion before the decision was taken.


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