The beautiful weather which has crossed much of Europe may well have people basking in the sun, but it’s posing a major possible threat to the grape crop in Charente.

Dry Weather Conditions in Charente

An unseasonably warm April has seen temperatures soar to around 30 degrees in Cognac and the surrounding areas this week, bringing bud break forward by around 15 days of normal.  The vine growers fear that if the night time temperatures dip below freezing over the next few weeks that this could cause severe crop damage.

The last time this happened was in 1991 when the area was hit by a severe frost on April 21, so says Simon Palmer, Cellar Master of ABK6 Cognac.  Isabelle Couprie, who holds the same title at Cognac Gautier says she can never remember it having been so hot so early on in the year.

Fingers crossed that the mild weather forecast for the next week or so continues.


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April Heat Threatens 2011 Cognac Grape Crop

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    The main problem has been the lack of rain and it seems that there is little forcast in the immediate future. The problem could create difficulties with the vine flowers which may not form properly. It is a little cooler now.

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