So we’ve already seen cognacs created specifically for a targeted market, such as Camus XO Chunghua – a blend created in partnership with the premium tobacco brand , Chunghua.  And now it’s the turn of JR Brillet, with a cognac series specifically produced with the Norwegian market in mind Amundsen Cognac.

amundsen cognac

The cognacs that make up the three in the Amundsen series are so named after the intrepid explorer, Roald Amundsen.  He was the first explorer to use sled dogs for his expedition, and had to be strong, resilient and innovative to manage to survive in the harshest of winter environments that he explored.

Per Erik Larsen, designer of the cognacs, says of the product, “In the design concept we went back to the roots, back to nature, and accentuated the taste by using the colours, shapes and movements from the grape fields and from the production.”

amundsun cognac

The three cognacs are a VS, VSOP and an XO, and were created in partnership with Allegro Tonsberg.  The cognacs are now available for purchase in Norwegian liquor stores, although at present we don’t have the prices that they retail for.

Discover more about JR Brillet Cognac here.


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J.R. Brillet Create new tipple for Norway – the Cognac Amundsen Series

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    VS: 340 NOK (€ 41)
    VSOP: 370 NOK (€ 45)
    XO: 500 NOK (€ 61)

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    Max (

    Thank you Henricsson! Good to know the prices of Amundsen Cognac

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