Travelling by air can be one of three things; 1) an exciting trip that’s taking you on vacation, or to visit friends or family. 2) A necessary business trip or, 3) something that you dread – perhaps because flying scares you, or maybe you spend so much time travelling that it feels like you spend your life living out of a suitcase.


But if you’re lucky enough to enjoy the comfort of business or first class, then travelling by air can be a cheeky way to indulge your cognac habit – if you know which airlines to choose. Of course, most of the large carriers serve cognac, and you’ll easily find a good VSOP on offer. The more discerning airlines serve an XO, although these are certainly harder to come by.

But when it comes to cognac, the following carriers have certainly done their homework when it comes to ensuring passengers can enjoy the finest whilst being whisked around the globe in luxurious comfort.


You have to hand it to this airline giant, they really do know how to push the boat out (if we can use that analogy for an aircraft). At present, the airline is the only one that serves Hennessy Paradis, or any cognac of that quality, in the air. And they really manage to do it in style.


Both business class and first class passengers can take advantage of enjoying a glass or two of this nectar, either delivered by the cabin crew to your seat or in the bar area.



With a globally great reputation and flights around the globe, Etihad recently launched further enhancements to its long-haul services. Along with various upgrades to its first class dining menu, passengers can look forward to a signature XO cognac digestif served in funky Norman of Copenhagen cognac glasses.


Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt

Okay, so it’s not in the air, but for premier passengers the airline’s lounge offers a decent selection of cognacs to choose from. These include Camus Grand VSOP, Hennessy Fine de Cognac, Hennessy XO, Remy Martin Coeur de Cognac, Otard VSOP and Otard XO Gold. Not bad – especially if you have a few hours to kill between flights.

Business Class Jets: Cuisine from Air Culinaire

This catering provider that specialises in providing diverse menus for jets travelling in the US and Europe. It’s not so much about cognacs to drink, more about fusing the taste sensation in the food they provide. For instance, Michelin star chef, Herve Bourdon, has spent many man-hours testing and developing dishes such as Lobster a l’Amoricaine – a lobster flambéed in cognac and soaked in lobster broth. Wash it down with a glass of your favourite tipple, and suddenly flying doesn’t seem like such a chore after all…

Thai Airlines

Bucking the trend for the bigger named cognacs, Thai Airlines offers the ‘oh so smooth’ Baron Otard Extra 1795 Cognac. A great XO that’s a blend of mainly Grande Champagne cognacs aged between 30-50 years. Definitely a good tipple to while away the hours of a boring flight.



Of course, if you can’t find your favourite cognac served on a flight, then there’s nothing to stop you picking up a bottle of whatever you fancy in duty free. From Remy Martin Louis XIII to Hennessy Richard, most terminals around the world have some of the finest cognacs available. And many of the cognac houses sell certain blends solely through the travel retail market. All in all, a fabulous reason to take a trip somewhere soon – as if an excuse was needed…


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