The World Drinks Awards is an annual competition that celebrates the best tasting spirits and packaging designs for spirits. And the results from 2014 have just been announced, with ABK6 and DEAU Cognac being crowned as the winners in the cognac section.

Elodie Abécassis presents the 'The World's Best Cognac 2014' Award

The testing is in the form of blind takings, and are judged by an independent panes made up from drinks journalists, retailers, master blenders, distillers and brand ambassadors. For the packaging design judging, this task is undertaken by leading brand design creators and packaging technology experts.

The World Drinks Awards is an annual competition, sponsored by Glencairn Crystal and Guala Closures Group.  This year’s winners were selected from entrants spanning more than 25 countries.  These included Mongolia, the US and South Africa. Felicity Murray, the chairman of the judging panel, said that “The competition featured some eye-opening spirits, and the judging panel had a hard time separating the good from the very good…”


The overall winner of the taste category for cognac, gaining the illustrious title of ‘The World’s Best Cognac’, goes to Francis Abecassis and the ABK6 VSOP Cognac.

DEAU Louis Memory

In the design award category, DEAU Cognac’s Louis Memory, designed by Linea Packaging Design took the winning spot. By the way this is one of the great artisanal DEAU cognacs that we got familiar with at our visit at the DEAU estate and that we’re currently sourcing for our readers.

Other winners in the competition were as follows:

The Bronze Medal Award goes to Reviseur Cognac VS, a single estate, petite champagne cognac.  A worthy award winner for a cognac that represents outstanding value for money.  Part of the ABK6 group, Le Reviseur Cognacs are marketed under this standalone name.

The same cognac house also gains the Silver Medal position.  The Reviseur Cognac Extra Origin Cognac is a well deserving winner.

Deau Cognac also triumphed in the ‘Best Travel Retail Design’ section, with the Deau XO Black Collection.  It was the simple, well made and eye pleasing packaging that saw this product take the top spot.  You can read more about the cognacs in this collection here, in our article about our 2013 summer visit to the Deau estate.

And last, but certainly not least, the award for the ‘Best Relaunch/Redesign’ goes to Godet Cognac for the Godet Antarctica Icy Cognac.  The bottle really does embody the idea of ice cold cognac, and brings to mind the barren wilderness of its namesake.

Cognac Expert would like to say a big congratulations to ABK6, DEAU and Godet Cognac for their awards.



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ABK6, DEAU & Godet Cognac come up trumps in the

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    Tout ceci est superbe et en bon afficionado du cognac, j’ai le plaisir d’en avoir goûté quelques uns mais l’un d’entre vous a-t-il eu le plaisir de tester le château de Plassac XO ou le Napo qui est délicieux?

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