An interview with the cellar master of ABK6 (Abecassis, ABK6’s website), presenting the range of three cognac blends. It’s a new brand, coming from a single estate Domaine close to Blanzac, Charente.

“ABK6 is the most awarded Cognac on the market”

ABK6 is one of three brands of the Abecassis family: Le Reviseur, Leyrat and ABK6. How does ABK6 differ from the others? Quite easy to answer: It’s a contemporary, modern and young approach to Cognac design, packaging and blending.

Simon Palmer is not only the master blender of ABK6 but he is also head of the International Spirit Association  – since 10 years. Actually he comes from New Zealand.

“Read or listen to the interview: What is it about Cognac?”

In the following interview, Monsieur Palmer emphasizes the quality and tradition of ABK6.

Listen to the Canadian radio interview right below or read the interview futher down.

The interview with the master blender

Question: How are you Simon?

Simon Palmer: Yeah, I’m fine. I almost broke my leg on the ice but other than that, I’m fine.

Q: Was it because of the cognac or your walking skills?

A: They didn’t tell me I needed skates.

Q: Tell us about your new product!

A: We are very happy to bring to Canada a contemporary range of three blends. The VSOP seems to have a very nice reception here in Canada.

Q: Let me jump right in and ask you this. I am your average beer drinking Canadian male. What is it about Cognac that makes it so wonderful, and people enjoy drinking that fine spirit?

A: Well Cognac is a very sophisticated product, it’s made in a specific region with specific rules – so it actually guarantees how good it is…

Q: ... so there is not a lot of shots going on with that?

A: I don’t know what you mean by shots…

Q: Shots is like you are doing shots, like boom, boom, boom, boom…

A: Well you can of course, there is no problem. And also a lot of people don’t realize is that Cognac is a perfectly good mixer. It doesn’t have to be drunk just straight.

Q: Oh really, so what do you mix it with?

A: Well, Ginger Ale, Tonic or just straight on ice.

Q: So you said, you also live where it’s produced?

A: Yes, our cognac is single estate, that means we do everything from A to Z. From the vineyard, through to the wine, to the distillation, the ageing, and then the blending, which is my job. It’s a nice part of the world, living surrounded by vineyards.

Q: Yeah, I bet. This is how I want to retire. So how does one tell that this is good. Color? Glass? Legs?

A: Well all 40% alcohol will have legs. Well, the color is nice, it’s a hundred percent natural – no artifical colour or so. But the most important thing is the nose and how it tastes.

Q: So you are trying to market this towards women, right?

A: Well, yeah ABK6, 1. because of the design and 2. because of the very soft nature appeals to women.

Q: Could be great for a diet! .. smells beautiful. To me it’s like, if it’s cold and you get back and it’s a nice little warmup.

: Well you can, but again, you can mix it.

Q: People put it in coffee?

A: Well you can do that, too!

Visit the ABK6 Website and the ABK6 Blog

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What is it about Cognac, Simon Palmer? Master Blender at ABK6 (Interview)

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