A modular all-in-one glass for Wine, Water, Champagne and… Cognac

Imagine: You’re in the park, friends brought some Champagne, water and a good cognac. But only one glass! That’s no longer a problem with a modular glass, that transforms into a Champagne, Cognac, Water or Wine glass.

Designed by Sven Milcent and the Utopik Design Lab.

modular glass cognac wine water champagne

The all-in-one glass is based on a modular system. You can attach 3 different body elements.

Water Glass

A long thin stem for champagne, a standard for wine drinkers, without any add on it’s a water glass.

a wine glass

Looks quite high-tech and coule be used in Kubrick’s Odyssey 2001 or the next Star Trek movie. Below you see the cognac glass:

cognac glass..

And here you see the champagne glass.. attention: it does not stand alone, you have to drink all the time.

Champagne glass

Source: www.designtaxi.com

Comments (2)

  1. George October 4, 2010 at 12:20 pm

    Looks funky but who really wants to use it? Come on.. a gadget for rich people – yes. And also very design-ish.. but is it really functional? The cognac drinker would always have his real snifter.

  2. plumbing April 6, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    All in one glass? Very useful. It was maximized.

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