One of our reader has a beautiful A. Hardy Noces de Diamant Cognac decanter. And he would like to sell.

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A. Hardy Noces de Diamant Cognac France

Bottle of A. Hardy Noces de Diamant in crystal decanter and velvet box

“The tag on the bottle reads: A newly born ancestor of the Hardy cognac family. Together with “Perfection” and “Noces d’Or”, “Noces de Diamant” is an exceptionnaly old cognac coming only from the best area of the cognac district: The Grand Champagne. Each individual lot is stricly numbered and housed in a crystal decanter exculsively designed by a French Crystal artist for this unique edition. Our “Diamond”, which I proudly release for the connaisseurs, is a sophisticated combination of genuine work of art with longstanding tradition for outstanding celebrations. As ever, Jacques Hardy.


A. Hardy Noces de Diamant Cognac France

Noces de Diamant label and unopened bottle

-The number reads “4000”; however, there appears to be some ink before the number which indicated that there may have been a number printer before the “4000” that has possibly rubbed off. I can send a close-up photo of the number printed on the tag.

The bottle was purchased by my friend’s father a while back. Since then, his mother has passed away, and his father no longer drinks. He has asked me if I could sell the item for him.

Learn more about the house of Cognac Hardy.
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A. Hardy Noces de Diamant Cognac France

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    I would like to buy this cognac, please post your asking price and info

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    I was just wondering if the bottle of Hardy Noces de Diamant is still available? Cheers, Mark

  3. Avatar

    If you have same bottle for sale please.. please tell me your asking price.

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    hello I have got a A. Hardy Noces de Diamant Cognac France that I want to sell which is in a perfect condition, do you know how much it worth? Thx very much

    Admin: Please use our “Submit your Bottle” function: This way you can upload beautiful images, add sufficient information about the condition, history etc. Thanks

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    R Miller

    I have a white book Porcelain bottle with Gold Leif, never opened of Napoleon Cognac – Picture of Napoleon on the front with Gold Leif all around him .. and on the actual book itself. It has a very small opening at the top .. and the cork has writing on it .. there is a Crown that comes with this .. Gold Leif at the top and all around the bottom

    Fine Napoleon by A. Hardy & Cie
    Cognac France
    Product of France

    At the bottom of the book bottle

    Porcelaine Exclusivite France

    Signed by: Jean Pierre

    I would love to know more about it ..

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    I have an unopened bottle of Hardy Perfection Cognac. This is bottle #44 of 1200 in original numbered oak case and Daum decanter. Includes a signed, numbered and limited edition work of art by French painter, Carzou. Includes all authenticity documentation. Interested in selling, so please contact me, if interested.

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    Is this bottle still for sale? I’m a Hardy collector from Norway, and i’m always interested in rare Hardy bottles like this one.

    Greetings from Norway.

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    Max (

    Hi Shawn,

    If you want to get in touch with respective buyers please send a mail to [email protected] expressing this wish.

    Please take a look at the bottom of the article above for more information.


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