Cognac has historically been loved by nobles around the world. From King Louis XIV granting aristocracy status to the family Frapin in 1696 to Napoleon’s legendary love of Courvoisier, the drink has long been associated with royalty.

Royal. houses have commissioned many Cognacs over the years

And hey! We can think of a certain important member of the British Royal Family who right now might be in need of fortifying slug or two of a decent XO to face the wrath of “Her Maj” – as he packs his bags to ship his family to Canada (Shot of Hennessy, Harry?)

However… Family feuds aside, a careful choice of Cognac allows all of us to enjoy the very same taste experience as the nobility. The following are 6 of the ultimate Cognacs that all have a distinctly regal flavor, not to mention some fascinating backstories that make them well-deserving of having a place on this noble list.

It takes a very special Cognac to be fit for royalty

1. L’Essence de Courvoisier

No-one can deny that the presentation of this high-end Courvoisier offering is stunning to look at. Created by the globally-acclaimed French crystal house of Baccarat, the teardrop-shaped decanter is a work of art in itself and styled on a ring that Napoleon himself gave to his soldiers. 

The Cognac came into being in 2009 when Courvoisier created it as a special offering to the famous London department store, Harrods. The acclaimed store has many links to Britain’s first family, including many royal warrants and, of course, the Dodi-Diana connection.

Stunning presentation, the distinctly regal L’Essence de Courvoisier

Decanter aside, the Cognac it gently cradles within is pretty damn special too, comprising eaux-de-vie dating as far back as the early 1900s. With only 3,000 bottles released per year, it’s also a rarity. So for anyone lucky enough to get their hands on a bottle, it’ll be the jewel in the crown of your liquor collection.

2. Tesseron Royal Blend 

Mystery shrouds the origins of the Tesseron Royal Blend Cognac as it was originally commissioned by a royal European family. Which one, however, isn’t common knowledge. We’re unable to shed any light on who (or even when) this occurred—it’s a closely guarded secret.

Tesseron Royal Blend: commissioned for an unknown royal family

Very old, very rare, the hand-blown glass “demijohn” style decanter is a faithful replication of those found in the Tesseron family’s Paradis cellar. (It is, in fact, very similar to the even older, even rarer Tesseron Extreme—of which only 300 are released per year.)

Follow in the footsteps of the mysterious royals and discover the delights of the Tesseron Royal Blend.

3. Hine Bonneuil 2008 Vintage Cognac

Did you know that Hine Cognac is the official supplier of Cognac to the British Royal family? The house has held the honor since being bestowed with the official royal warrant in 1962. So what better way to drink like a Queen (or King) than to indulge in the very same tipple as dear old Liz?

We can just picture HRH enjoying a generous measure of this Hine masterpiece

The award-winning Hine Bonneuil 2008 Vintage is a Grande Champagne delight produced in a limited run of only 450 bottles. Representing outstanding value for money, it’s sure to only increase in value if—that is—you have the self-control not to pop the cork and indulge…

Find out more about the eau-de-vie that graces the liquor cabinet of Buckingham Palace – the Hine Bonneuil 2008.

4. Remy Martin Louis XIII

No list of royal Cognacs could ever be complete without mention of the king of them all, Remy Martin Louis XIII. Remy’s flagship offering is as beautiful on the eye as it is on the palate, and so it should be with its inimitable fleur-de-lys Baccarat Crystal decanter.

The unmistakable decanter of Remy Martin’s Louis XIII

Royal connections (in addition to being named King Louis XIII, of course) include the fact that Queen Elizabeth II was served the Cognac on her visit to the Palace of Versailles in 1957. And although he might not be royalty, it’s worth mentioning that Sir Winston Churchill, chose the Cognac to toast his election win in 1951.

Louis XIII is a name synonymous with luxury throughout the world, and one that’ll certainly earn you mucho kudos should you have a bottle in your collection.

Give your collection the royal touch with a purchase of the renowned Louis XIII by Remy Martin.

5. Extra Prince Hubert de Polignac

It might only be the name that’s royal (the house is named after the oldest of France’s noble families), but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a Cognac that deserves your full attention. The regal presentation of the Extra Prince Hubert de Polignac is just the beginning of its many attributes. This award-winning, Grande Champagne offering is a stunning example for those who want to learn more about the hard-to-understand flavor of rancio.

The princely good looks of this impressive Extra quality Cognac

It may only be a Prince, but this one certainly knows how to make its own waves (a bit like Harry, then…), and once it has you under its spell it’s sure to become a firm favorite.

Dive into the royal delights of the Extra Prince Polignac, and add this under-the-radar Cognac to your princely collection.

6. Baron Otard Fort et Fidelis

The royal Chateau de Cognac, home of the house of Baron Otard, is a 10th-century fortress that, some 500 years later, became home to King Francois I. The ultra-premium Cognac, Fort et Fidelis, is an homage to its founder, the Baron who purchased the chateau in 1795. This was mainly because he recognized the uniqueness of the location in which to age eaux-de-vie.

A true royal contender, Baron Otard Fort et Fidelis

The delightful decanter showcases the coat of arms of the Otard family. It symbolizes the values of the Baron—strength, and loyalty—something that also is a worthy description of the delicious Cognac it holds within.

A truly elegant addition to any collection, and certainly a fitting drink for any would-be King or the Queen in his life. Find out more about the wonderful Baron Otard Fort et Fidelis.

Aroma, flavor, and presentation: Find all these delicious offerings at Cognac Expert

Each of these Cognacs deserves to be enjoyed neat, allowing yourself to experience the true magic of such impeccable Cognac production. Once you’ve experienced the incredible nuances on offer, you could—if you dare—pop a single block of ice into the glass, something that subtly changes the miracle of taste, gently revealing a different realm of aroma and taste.

Enjoy high-quality Cognacs neat to experience the individual nuances each offer

All of these regal delights are available to buy in our online shop, with fast delivery to any country in the world.

However you enjoy your Cognac, all of the above deserve their place in the finest of liquor collections. Are there we’ve missed out? Let us know in the comments below or join in the conversation in our ever-growing Cognac community.

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6 Royal Cognacs Fit For a King: From Louis XIII to François I

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