Here comes the list with all 25 (unique) cognacs that will be part (and sold) at the famous Cognac auction at the Monnet cellars in Cognac, La Part des Anges 2011. The event is hosted by the BNIC, the cognac organization. The 2011 edition is saddened by the recent death of Bernard Guionnet, President of the BNIC.

The auction is a charity event and gathered about 70 000 € in 2010.

You can be part of this auction. If you wish to bid, pass your order per e-mail at [email protected] or on the website There is also the possibility to bid by phone.

The auction will take place on the 15th of September.

Now, let’s have a look at those very special cognacs. 25 cognac houses send in a flagship each.

Remy Martin

Rémy Martin Coupe Speciale La Part des Anges 2011 is a unique blend, especially created for the occasion of the auction.

Two bottles will be auctioned, each at ABV 41% and 98 cl content.

Remy martin Coupe Speciale La Part des Anges 2011

Estimated price of this unique “Coupe” : € 2000

Learn more about Remy Martin.

Prince Polignac

Prince Hubert de Polignac comes with a bottle named La Part Oubliee des Anges III: A blend from the Grande Champagne, some over 100 years old.

1 bottle at 1 litre.

Prince Hubert de Polignac La Part Oubliee des Anges III

Estimated price of this bottle is € 1600

Learn more about Prince Polignac and their bottles.

Pierre Ferrand

Pierre Ferrand throws in their Jubilé 50 years Bouteille No1 Limited Edition. The production of this line is limited, only 100 are produced. 100% Grande Champagne, about 50 years old.

One bottle of 70 cl at ABV 40%

Pierre Ferrand Jubile 50 years Bouteille No1 Limited Edition

Estimated value is € 3500.

Learn more about Cognac Pierre Ferrand

Normandin Mecier

Normandin Mecier presents a Petite Champagne Millesime Vintage 1976 cognac. The bottle has been under the eyes of BNIC’s Age Control Department, and is a product that was distilled back in ’76.

The bottle is at 70 cl, the ABV 43%

Normandin Mecier Petite Champagne Millesime 1976

The estimated price for this vintage cognac is € 450


Martell brings 4 small bottles to the table: Les Montrel Martell. Each bottle has an eaux-de-vie blend from a different cru, Petite Champagne; Borderies; Fins Bois and Grande Champagne.

They Montres can also be found in Martell’s luxury giant toolbox ‘La Malle de Martell’

4 x 20 cl at ABV 40% each

Martell Les Montres Martell

The estimated price for the set of the four mini bottles is € 2500

Learn more about Martell

A. Staub & Cie

The cognac house A Staub & Cie participates with Staub’s No 1 Carafe Cognac Francois 1er, a Grande Champagne blend of 3 different eaux-de-vies.

ABV at 40% and 70 cl content.

Maison A Staub Cie No 1 Carafe Cognac Francois 1er

The estimated price for this exclusive blend is around € 800

Louis Royer

Louis Royer Grande Champagne Reserve Royale is a blend that is over 35 years old, a pure Grande Champagne cognac.

ABV of 43% and 70 cl content

Louis Royer Grande Champagne Reserve Royale

This bottle has an estimated price of € 600

Learn more about Cognac Louis Royer


Cognac Leyrat with BRUT ABSOLU Sélection THE PLAZA New York. The family of Abécassis presents this collector’s item which was used to be sold at the Plaza Hotel in NYC.

Bottled at 88 proof (ABV 44%) at 75 cl.

This cognac is estimated at 1000 €

Leopold Gourmel

Leopold Gourmel sends in a Petite Champagne vintage from the year 1972.

ABV 40% and 70 cl content.

Leopold Gourmel Petite Champagne 1972

This bottle has an estimated price of € 275

Learn more about Leopold Gourmel


Hine brings a trilogy to the auction, all 1961 vintages: 1961 Jarnac, 1961 Early Landed and Hine’s 1961 Angel Share.

All cognacs at 40% ABV, 3 x 20 cl

Hine Trilogie Du Millesime Vintage Hine 1961

The trilogy as a set can be estimated at a price of € 1000

Learn more about the house of Hine


And here comes Hennessy Timeless, a blend that was created in 1999: A blend of 11 vintages – at a limited edition of 2000 bottles worldwide.

43.5% ABV at 70 cl content

Hennessy Timeless

The Timeless Ultimate Decanter has an estimated price of € 8000

Discover all Hennessy bottles and learn more about the company’s history


Hardy is in with its Collection privée Sèvres, Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie at the end of World War II, with the youngest eaux-de-vie harvested in 1949. This blend was especially created for this auction.

40.5% ABV and 75 cl content

Hardy Collection Privee Sevres

Estimated price of this Collection Cognac: € 2000

Find out more about the house of Cognac Hardy


Godet has 2 Renaissance Vintage Cognacs, “Remembrance of things past”, one Grande Champagne 1980 and one Grande Champagne 1977.

Both are at 40% ABV and 35cl each.

Godet Renaissance Millesimee Grande Champagne 1980 and 1977

The estimated price is at  € 650

Learn more about the house of Godet


Frapin comes into the game with a 1985 Vintage. This 25 year old cognac is presented in a 5 liter demi-john, contains Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie.

ABV 43%, and 5 litre

Frapin Millesime 1985 25 Years

The estimated price of this Frapin vintage between € 3500 and € 5000

Find out more about Frapin and their cognacs


This Delamain Grande Champagne vintage is from 1966 and 45 years old – a single cask cognac. Bottle No. 001

ABV 40% and 70 cl content.

Delamain Cognac Grande Champagne 1966 45 years

The price of this vintage bottle can be estimated at € 900

Discover the house of Cognac Delamain


Courvoisier with a VOC Vintage  from the year 1976. 35 years of ageing, in a Baccarat decanter.

ABV: 46% Content: 75 cl

Courvoisier VOC Vintage 1976

The estimated price of this vintage cognac is at € 2500

Lean more about Courvoisier


Meukow brings Esprit de Famille Cognac to the table: Created for the 2011 Angel’s Share auction.

ABV 40% and 70 cl of content

Cognac Meukow Esprit de Famille

This cognac bottle is estimated at € 900

Discover Meukow history, bottles and more


Camus presents Cognac Michel Camus Royale; a very old cognac.

ABV 40% and 70 cl of content

Cognac Camus Michel Camus Royale

The item has an estimated price of € 2000

Find out more about Cognac Camus and their products

Chateau de Montifaud

Chateau de Montifaud brings in Heritage Louis Vallet Petite Champagne Cognac.

ABV at 40% and Content of 70 cl

Chateau de Montifaud Heritage Louis Vallet Petite Champagne

The estimated price of this Petite Champagne Cognac is € 500

Baron Otard

Baron Otard Fortis et Fidelis combines rare eaux-de-vie in a modern decanter.

ABV 44.3% and 70 cl of content

Baron Otard Fortis et Fidelis

Estimated price: € 3200

Discover the house of Otard

Dupuy / Bache-Gabrielsen

Bache Gabrielsen / Dupuy with a Millesime 1940 Vintage, a rare cognac from WWII.

ABV: 42%- 50 cl content

Bache Gabrielsen Dupuy Millesime 1940 Vintage

The estimated price of this 1940 vintage is € 900

Find out more about Bache-Gabrielsen

A.E. Dor

A.E. Dor with a Cognac Vieille Réserve limitée Grande Champagne N°9, from Grande Champagne growh area.

ABV 40% with 70 cl content

This AE Dor cognac is estimated at € 900

Discover A.E. Dor’s range and read about the house’s history


ABK6 Liberte, from the Abecassis family, is part of a 19 crystal decanter limited edition.

ABV: 43% at 70 cl content

ABK6 Liberte

Estimated price of this bottle is € 2500

Read more about ABK6 Cognac

A. De Fussigny

A. De Fussigny with a Petite Champagne Millésime 1969 Vintage cognac, aged in small oak barrels.

ABV 43%, content 75cl

A De Fussigny Petite Champagne Millesime Vintage 1969

Estimated price of the Fussigny cognac is € 450

Discover the bottles of Cognac A De Fussigny


Last but most certainly not least, comes Tiffon’s Collection Boutelleau 1927. It was created by Botelleau, the Barbezieux based cognac house, founded in 1849. This cognac is a special blend of old Fine Champagne eaux-de-vies.

ABV of 40-42% at 70 cl

Tiffon Collection Boutelleau 1927

This Cognac is estimated at €2500

Learn more about Tiffon

So that’s it, all 25 cognac. Beautiful, aren’t they?


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  2. Avatar

    I have a bottle of leyrat brut absolu, selection Robert haas…can u give me some information about this bottle of cognac.

  3. Avatar
    Howard R

    I inherited a bottle of Remy Martin Cognac that was bottled for the coronation of King George-Louis XIII Grande Champagne Très Vieille Age Inconnu.

    Where can I sell the bottle


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    if you have a bottle(s) that you would like to sell please let us know

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    I have a china book of camus Grande Marque Cognac, unopened,dated 1769/1969. What is its value.

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    I have inherited bottles of hennessy pure white i ask liquor stores state to state
    and they have no idea of where to start with this stuff

    what can i do with them?

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    J’ai un cognac boutelleau avec 3 medailles de chaque cote et 3etoiles en haut est ce que vous pourriez m’estimer le prix merci d’avance

  8. Avatar

    I have a China book of Camus La Grande Marque Cognac. The date on the back is
    1769 = 1976. It Is unopened and I have the Napoleon hat cork. When you hold it up into the light you can see through the book. WhTRN IS ITS Vllue.

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    Hi. I have a bottle of Paulet Ecusson Rouge 5 star….would anyone know how much it’s worth?

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    I have a bottle of Otard Francois Brand Cognac 80 proof, still sealed with the original red sticker and the Original Decanter box. It was purchased in 1961. I is in a Baccarat of France Crystal Bottle.

    Can someone tell me where I can find out it value?

    Thank you – Sonja

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    Jacqueline Butler

    I have a boxed bottle of Godet Petite Champagne Brandy No: 01790 Vintage 1973
    Can you please tell me how much this bottle would cost, and if it is still worth keeping.
    I wait your earliest reply.
    Many thanks in advance

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    Ritchie Crisostomo

    I have a bottle cognac CAMUS XO.. Still intact for 35 has not been opened.. I would like to know the value of it.

  13. Avatar
    Howard Dare

    I have an unopened bottle of the Berry Bros bottling of 1940 Frapin Grande Champagne Cognac bottled and shipped in 1976. The previous bottle of this was beautifully elegant. Not at all like the blockbuster 40 year old blended Frapin that Berry’s used to sell. Not sure whether to sell or drink. What would it be worth now?

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