Despite the poor weather earlier in the summer, it appears that all seems well for the 2012 wine harvest that commences today in the Cognac region.

Cognac Harvest in Triac

Thankfully, the climate during the month of September seems to have limited to some extent the fears of earlier in the year, when mildew and disease threatened a worrying trend throughout the area.  Temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius helped, and luckily, despite the drought, the grapes continued to grow.

Cognac Harvest: Grapes in Buisson

The Station Viticole du Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac published a report last week stating that it was likely that the harvest would pan out pretty much as predicted, with a production rate of around 100 hectolitres per hectare of vines.  However, with a total area of 74,465 hectares in total, this yield will not provide enough volume to satisfy the market need.

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For those that like the technical details, the BNIC report has analysed that the following results will be likely:

  • Average weight of a cluster – 364 grams
  • Potential alcohol level of 8.7 degrees
  • Potential acidity of 8.2 grams per litre
  • Potential PH of 2.86
  • Potential nitrogen content of 72 grams per litre
  • A decay rate of 0.7 per cent

Pics:  All Pictures Copyrights Reserved to Stéphane Charbeau

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