Yesterday, January 17, the BNIC released the 2010 figures for sales of cognac.

Proving resilient through the global economic crisis, 2010 proved an absolute record breaker, with a turnover of 1.860 billion euros.  That’s an increase of 17.9% in its worldwide shipments, making a total of 153.1 million bottles.

Record Record Record!

This is an astounding achievement, especially in a time of worldwide financial turmoil and following 2009’s downturn in sales.

The 469,681 hectolitres of pure alcohol which were produced in the region’s cellars equates to 167.7 million bottles and is up 16.3% on the previous year.

The three main geographical sales areas – Asia, Europe and the USA have remained fairly well balanced, although the Far East sales are becoming particularly strong.  Because of this, Asia has now become the largest of the world markets in regards to volume – up 34.3% to account for 33.2% of the world exports, and this growth is very much expected to continue.

The NAFTA (USA, Canada and Mexico) market has bounced back; in the main because of the United States increased consumption, and is up 7.5% to account for 32.2% of the global sales.

European sales climbed 11.7% which takes them to 30.5% of the global volume.

These figures pretty much prove what the industry was expecting and is great news for both Cognac and the French trade industry.

Let’s hope 2011 continues in the same vein.


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2010 is a Record Breaking Year for Cognac Sales!

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