There are expensive bottles of Cognac, and then there’s this 1805 Massougnes bottle that hits a whole new level. Selling for £200,000 sterling (that’s $260,400 US dollars), it’s one of the most expensive bottles of Cognac ever to be sold in Britain, and indeed, the world.

£200K Massougnes Cognac from 1805: The World's Most Expensive Bottle?

Sold to an undisclosed buyer at Hedonism Wines in Mayfair, London, England, there’s a great back story to the tale. The bottle was bought around two decades ago by the house of Cognac Hermitage, from the Comtesse de la Bourdeliere, Marie-Antoinette des Allees. Her family owns the former Cognac producing Massougnes estate, and she herself is the last remaining direct descendant of King Louis VII.

This amazing Cognac was created in the very same year as the Battle of Trafalgar, and Marie Antoinette has written a note that describes the life history of this extraordinary bottle. The house was famous for producing pre-phylloxera Cognacs, and at its peak had vineyards extending over 346 hectares.

Such Cognacs are extremely sought after, as they’re mostly produced from a completely different grape than those used to make Cognac today. In the 1860s this tiny pest literally decimated the Cognac vineyards. Before then most were planted with the now rarely seen Folle Blanche and Colombard grape varieties. After this massive event the taste of Cognac was forever changed, as wine growers re-planted their ruined vineyards with species more resilient to such invaders.

£200K Massougnes Cognac from 1805: The World's Most Expensive Bottle?

Cognacs today are mainly made from the Ugni Blanc grape, one that’s much hardier and somewhat easier to grow. Discover more about this monumental change that altered the taste and flavour of Cognac forever.

Hermitage Cognacs: Specializing in the rare and the unique

Hermitage Cognacs was founded in 1987, and specialize in selling old and rare Grande Champagne Cognacs from the oldest of family houses. Managing Director, David Baker, said that, “In over 30 years of buying and selling Cognac, this 1805 is one of the oldest and rarest I have ever come across”.

In 2015 a similar bottle of the same Cognac sold for around £140,000 ($182,000 US dollars). Now that’s not a bad return on your money for three years investment.

However, this latest sale of  the 1805 Massougnes Cognac fails by tens of thousands of dollars to take the title of ‘Most Expensive Cognac in the World’. In 2016, another bottle was bought at Hedonism, again sold by Hermitage Cognac, and again, from the Cognac house of Massougnes. This bottle, however, dated slightly further back to 1801. And this one was snapped up by a purchaser from Asia for a massive £220,000 sterling (around $289,000 US dollars).

But the crown for the most expensive Cognac bottle in the world has to go to the Henri IV Dudogon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne. This work of art contains Cognac from the Dudogon family, who’ve been in the business since 1776. The Cognac itself has aged in the barrel for more than a century, but it’s the bottle that accounts for the majority of this hefty price tag. Covered in 24 carat gold and 6,500 diamonds, it’ll be this that demands the crazy price tag of around $2 million dollars.

£200K Massougnes Cognac from 1805: The World's Most Expensive Bottle?

So although this Henri IV Dudogon is technically more expensive, when you look at simply the contents alone, then the Massougnes 1805, and the 1801 especially, are certainly up there with a shout for the gold medal. Of course, they’ll probably never get to be tasted, being as they’re now pure collector’s items, not to mention an investment opportunity. But if you had that bottle sitting in your collection, wouldn’t you be tempted–just a tiny little bit–to pop the cork and have a taste?

And here’s another luxury Cognac related product

Many of you might remember the Cognac Pen and the Cognac Watch, created by the company, Wealth Solutions. Well, they’ve not stopped there. Because they’ve just announced the creation of the Cognac Coin. It’s part of a collection of gold coins, each one containing a single drop a precious liquor. The Cognac one contains what they bill as ‘the world’s oldest Cognac’, the Gautier 1762. 300 of the coins have been produced, and will set you back a cool €7,900 euro. Or if you fancy purchasing the whole set, which also includes the Whisky Coin and the Rum Coin, then you’re going to have to shell out €22,500 euro to add it to your collection.

£200K Massougnes Cognac from 1805: The World's Most Expensive Bottle?

The gold Whisky Coin

It’s another unique take on luxury collector’s items that’s targeted at both the liquor and the coin collector. The coin contains 2 oz of 99.99% gold, along with the drop of precious nectar. The Whisky Coin is the first to be released, with the Cognac and Rum Coins coming in the future at an, as yet, unspecified date.



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£200K Massougnes Cognac from 1805: The World's Most Expensive Bottle?

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