This time at YOU’VE GOT A BOTTLE?: An empty bottle. Yes! And a 75% visible logo. Normally we do not publish empty bottles, but this time it’s too much of a riddle. So let’s find out.

Please comment if anyone has information of the origin and value of the bottle. Please disregard the other bottle in the photos, the bottle in question is on the (left) and has the red label. Also, on the photo showing the 2 bottle necks with tops, refer to the bottle on (left) with the cork. The photos are for possible auction and another bottle was included not relating to this inquiry.

Here is what our reader wrote us:

I have been a avid bottle collector for years and now I’m selling most of my collection. I acquired this middle to late 1800’s V. Chaloupin & Co. Cognac bottle at an auction in Maine, USA years ago.

1800 Chaloupin Co Cognac bottle

The label is still intact with some edges gone. On the very bottom of the label it looks like the number 48, perhaps 1848.. I cannot be sure.
It is free blown with twisted neck and cork inside, no contents left. It has a deep kickup bottom and a sheared top with an applied lip.

1800 Chaloupin Co Cognac

I have an idea of what the value is but want to be accurate.
I do not know the origin of the bottle. I know there is a Chaloupin-Lambert Wine Making Co. in Langon France but cannot be sure if it is an early bottle from the maker Chaloupin associated with this company.

1800 Chaloupin cork

The bottle is empty. I am determined to find the origin and value of the bottle.
I have contacts for any bottle that I have, should I need assistance determining the value. None of those contacts can give me information on the origin of the Chaloupin bottle or the value.

I am more interested in the origin, what company made the cognac in the middle to late 1800’s.  Since viewing your website, I am now interested in looking for antique Cognac bottles with the contents in them!

Thanks for your thoughts!

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1800's V. Chaloupin & Co. Cognac or is it 1848?

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    Lloyd Murphy

    Hi there, I recently visited my Mother on the West Coast of the South Island (NZ) and she showed me a cognac bottle she was given by a WW11 veteran that lived across the road before he passed away a few years ago. The bottle is shaped like an egg and about the same size as one also. It is labelled “Stock’s Ovognac”, from Torino Italy. It is still full and sealed. I can’t find any info on it’s origin, value etc? Can you shed any light?

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